Ride Friday the 17th from Udon

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  1. We are going to meet up with Alvin (rider) in his city Ban Phai and he is going to show us some of his back roads.

    We are staying ovenight in an aircon room for somewhere around 300 baht, Not woried about resevations this time of year. We might meet some of the local riders there as well.

    I honestly don't expect a big turn out for this, so let me know if your going. If I don't hear fom anyone I will just go.

    If I hear from someone we will meet at the PTT Gas station on the Khon Kean highway. at 0900

    Most of this part of the first part is boring highway so speed will be 90 to 100. we will slow down and enjoy rubber necking after we meet up with Alvin.

    Just a sanity break ride
  2. Thanks for letting me know Capt.
  3. Saturday the 18th return trip to Udon

    Ban Phai to Phu Paan National Park to Udon

    Hopefully we will get to the park before noon givinh us time to explore a bit

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