Ride report 1-19-2008 Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol Rio Et Provinc

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    Be patient guys this is going take some time lots of photos:

    David ha graciusly agreed to post the phots so I will try to do this insequence so taht he can do that

    We met up at 0800 at the Jet Gas Sation had one no how so we a waited about 20 mins before we got underway.

    From here a down the 2 to the 209 and met up with the guys from Khan Kean, at the Shell gas station with my smoke break we were on Thai time got there at 10 00. Tell they were old hands didn't seem to notice

    We were now seven bikes and ten riders from Udon and three from Khan kean
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    We then headed out in seperate groups John with another sports bike and a 850 Suzuki, me with the balance. The idea was I would take the slower group on a more direct route and we would end up at the Chedie about the same time.

    We took the 209 to the 2116 and then the 2136. John had warned me about rough sections of road on the 2116 he was right reminded me of the the road to Nam Sam. I heard some guys complaining about and it really wasn't much fun, but the truth is that is just riding these Issan roads, goes with the territory.

    As luck would have it Paul needed fuel, so we stopped in Nong Phok, as we pulled into the station there was John and the guys getting fuel so we ate lunch togther


    Then head off to Maha Chedi Chai Mongkok
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    We arrived at the Chedi,
    now this was something you would expect to find in a tourist area, but we were really out in the sticks there were plenty of vendors. Plenty of visitor but maybe two tourist in the area. I was looking around to find out what the farrang price was going to be turned out it the same as the Thai's nothing. We were wondering about leaving our gear unattended when I heard you seen one Wat you seen em all, That took care of that problem. But they were very wrong I had never seen anything like this, Beauty on a huge scale. The outside wall was like A fortress wall.



    The theory is it is 101meters square and 101 meter high. Hence the name Roi Et Province, which translates to the number 101

    Note on the interior portions of the outside wall what appears to be fighting ports.

    There is a very long walk up hill to the actual Chedi Paul did that with a walking cane that. That he carry' on his 600 steed with him. Someday I hope to be half the man he is.

    The Chedi itself is four floors each one different, believe me by the time we got back down my legs were just shaking LOL
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    For a bit here I will just go with photos they are labled so you should be able to get the idea












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    Well guys by now you have to be as tired of reading this and looking at photos as I am of writing and posting photos so we stop here. You should have enough to decide if it's worth the trip. It was for me next time I think I will go via Mukdahan.

    By this time it was nearly 1530 hours so we spilt up Some guys went back to Khan Kean and others went back to Udon via the 227. I understand the guys got back to Udon around 2030 hours Don't know about the guys from Khan Kean Richie could probably add that missing part.

    John and I went on to Rio Et about 130 Klms 2136 to the 212. John whipped out his trusty GPS and found rural route 2022 as a bit of a short cut. Well, brand new pavement for a while then dirt road, but dirt road was prepared for pavement so smooth riding. I actually enjoyed this part best. I always like the little villages where they don't see farrangs or big bikes.

    To the 23 onto Roi Et, GPS finds our hotel the Mai Tai for us. 420 a night and as good as some I have paid 1000 for. I had been to Rio Et before and always thought of it as a sleepy little town. Wrong it had an active entertainment venue that we stumbled into. A a matter of fact the hotel had a sexy lady show begining at 2300 hours, sorry no photos, nor did I see it I was cutting Z's.

    We walked to the lake for dinner and I think we were on the wrong side of it, didn't find any water front places so we settled for what we did find and had a great dinner. Now I did happen to notice what could be described a Thai goddesses in the area. Kept that to myself the wife has a since of humor, but not that much LOL.

    As we are leaving the wife said we can go this way shorter. I should have known my past experience has shown me she gets lost a block form the hotel, when we are out of town. So off we go for this short route you guessed it we got lost. Oh where oh where is the GPS in the room naturally LOL

    So we are asking directions and they are getting more and more confusing finally the third guy was asked says it's a long way and it's night you shouldn't be out at night. Puts all three of us in his car and takes us to the Hotel. Now anyone who has been here any length of time would be getting ready for the con and digging out the wallet. The guy absolutley refused any money we tried three times he wouldn't take it. Now that reminds me of Udon in the Old Days, I really miss it. What can I say just a really nice Issan town with great people.

    We head out the next day 214 Kalaissan, 227 Wan Sa Mo, 2023 Si Tha, 2093 Kumpawapi, 2350 Nong Han 2410 to Udon. We went back to Udon and never touched the 2 just the way I like it. The wife wanted back in time to vote wanted 1400 hours we got there at 1405 hours, Of course in her normal fashion she then complained that we were riding to fast you just can't win LOL

    One of the thing that became very clear on this trip is I can not tell directions. A trip to Robinson today and 80 baht for a compass. So now I will still get lost but I will know what direction I am going while I do so.

    Well I have to say for the firt ride John put together he did a heck of a good job. Come and join us guys might as well have fun and meet some good guys.
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    When David can post them.
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  9. DavidFL

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    Ray & Co.
    Sorry your photos came in the day before I left for Laos, so I did not get time to upload them before I left. They are sitting on my computer in Chiang Mai & will remain there until I get back in another week. But they will be uploaded once I get back home.
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    Not to worry David, they will be there when your ready. I know it's a lot of work and I appreciate it. The Chedi isn't going anywhere so guys can decide later if it's a good destination or not.
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    Sorry you having trouble. They are public on the photo site, so anyone signed in should be able to view. I sent the link to the guys on my mail ride list and they were viewable then.
    It may just be a Sunday pm internet thing, as very slow nowand the page will not load for me either at the moment.
    The Chedi itself is mostly finished, but they are still working on the surrounding buildings which form a wall around the Chedi and gardens.
    Hope you have more luck later, if not I will be happy to mail you some pics, may be a bit slow until later tho
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    First sign in to your own account and then click on the link in John's message did the trick for me (the other way around did not work). Really impressive temple and worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood.
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    No they are still working on it, not completed yet. But still a lot to see right now.
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    As I recall theere is stuff on every floor. Except the fourth floor, they are still doing things on the third floor a well. It takes a lot of money to do those sort of things and I don't think the government was spending much in the last 18 months the overpass in Udon set with no work on it for well over a year.

    It is still beautiful and no fee to enter so I'm not complaining :wink:
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    Not sure if the government did not spend the money at the flyover to Sakhon Nakhon - probably more to do with the contractor running out of money. We had the same thing with 2 underpasses here in Chiangmai.

    The contractor, apparently with good connection to the previous government, disappeared and the (local) government just had to hire another contractor to finish the work. Unfortunately (not sure whose fault it is) both underpasses are leaking and at 1 underpass (San Dek) they have now pumps installed to pump out the water. Wonder how things will be once it gets to the rainy season.
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    Oh well the Chedi is nice and makes for a good ride
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    Ray & Co.,
    Posted your photos for you. Think I got them all & the sequence was / is ok.
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    Great Job David actually look better then when I sent them, there is enough there yuu could spend an entire day checking it out.

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