Ride Saturday the 15th (exploring)

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  1. We will meet at the red light by Harry's bar, on the road to Kut Chap at 0700 going to be a hot day.

    I said exploring because I have not ridden these roads before so I have no idea what road conditions will be like. We be riding the part we missed on the last trip. I want to know if it is worth adding to the modified Loie Loop, or not. Only one way to find out and that is putting rubber on the road.

    The ride route will be a follows

    Udon to Kut Chap

    to Na Dan

    to Suwan Khua

    to Ban Yuak

    to Nam Som

    to Na Yung

    to Ban Muang

    to Nong Khai

    To Udon

    Please P/m if you wish to join Tung Dee and I speeds will be slow.
  2. Changing the ride to Sunday the 16th Reason: Weather

    Everything else stays the same

    Heavy thunderstorms in the morning; rather cloudy and humid with a little rain in the afternoon. Winds from the S at 4 km/h.
    Realfeel®: 49 °C
    High: 31 °C
    Saturday Night, Aug 15
    More Details
    Mostly cloudy with a thunderstorm or two late. Winds will be light and variable
    Realfeel®: 31 °C
    Low: 25 °C
    Sunday, Aug 16
    More Details
    Partly Sunny w/ T-Storms
    Partly sunny with a couple of thunderstorms around. Winds will be light and variable
    Realfeel®: 47 °C
    High: 32 °C
    Sunday Night, Aug 16
    More Details

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