Ride Saturday the 8th from Udon.

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  1. All but one person who have said they are going are in the First Homes Area, So we meet at the motel by the red light on Ring Road at the motel 100 meters towards First Homes It's the red light Between Global and Big C. Head out of town the Motel is about 100 meters on the right hand side. at 0830, we will depart at 0845.

    The ride has not been planned in detail yet I'm waiting for some input from one of the guys,

    The general idea is to go to Nom Som and over the Mountain to the river and then towards Loie. From Loie back to Uodn. This is what will make the ride interesting we won't ride 210 at any time or at least that is the goal. Finding a new route.

    Should be fun seeing some new country, not to far from us.

    I think we will be back in Udon by 1800 hours or earlier.

    If you want to go and the directions o for the meet point is confusing send me a PM and I will give you my Phone number. It is easy if you know the area and terrible to find if you don't :lol:
  2. Ride Plan:

    Udon to Ban Phue

    Ban Phue to Nam Som

    Nam Som to Na Yung

    Na Yung to Sang Khom

    Sang Khom to Pak Chom

    Pak Chom to Chiang Khan

    Chiang Khan to That

    That to Na Si

    Na Si to Kut Chap

    Kut Chap to Udon

    It's in the GPS now so I'm done LOL
  3. Well we try to get some photos, this will be a first for me but it looks like fun on the map.
  4. Weather

    Not looking to bad really. Remember, this is only Udon if we get lucky we could ride around the heavy stuff happened before. Sunday didn't look a promising. Hey it's just water a good shower solves all the problems. Got to wash the bikes anyway after a ride like that.

    If we run to some heavy stuff we will just wait it out.

    Saturday Day
    A thick cloud cover with rain tapering to a couple of showers
    High 81°F
    RealFeel®: 104°F
    View the Hour-By-Hour™ Forecast
    Winds: WSW at 5mph
    Wind Gusts: 13 mph
    Max UV Index: Very High (9)
    Probability: 69%
    Amount of Precipitation: 0.36in
    Amount of Rain: 0.36in
    Amount of Snow: 0.0in
    Hours of Precipitation: 7 Hrs
    Hours of Rain: 7 Hrs
    Hours of Daylight: 11.8 H

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