Ride thru the Cardamoms for UNICEF,

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    I was looking forward to finally riding the Cardamom's. I've been to Cambo often, during the last 7-years. But, knowing the weather, I was very concerned
    about the ride being scheduled at the end of the rainy season. The ride is known for it's difficulty even in the dry season.

    So, I placed an inquiry and 'Dancing Roads' replied. DR is very experienced and has conducted guided off road tours throughout Cambo for years.

    And DR replied:
    No latest details for this season, but typically water levels remain pretty high into November. Last year (late December!) Mr DR and 6 other bikers had to turn back
    at the Russey Chrouy river crossing (~17km south of O Saom). It wasn't so much the depth of the river, but the fast current made it too risky to float the bikes across.

    Hard to say what conditions will be like this year.. if you make it past Russey Chrouy make sure you have a machete with you as you'll need to cut
    through all that rainy season growth. www.dancingroadscambodia.com"

    So, alas, I'm gonna pass. I think the ride is too far over my skill level to be undertaken this soon in the year.
    I do wish the participants success and hope they enoounter much better conditions that DR mentioned!
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    meant to add in my report that I'd been told an ironman race had gone thru a couple of weeks before, so a lot was more rideable as they'd chopped some of the growth back.
    Never could find out more about the "ironman" tho.

    Anyway, I want to wish you all good luck for the trip.
    Wish I was going too

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