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  1. The road conditions in many of the photos seem to be questionable with slips, holes and other obstructions such as animals and pedestrians etc. These holes and slips often appear to be on some of the tar sealed roads so are not restricted to the back country only. Attention by some of the Thai road users appears also to be 'interesting and different.'

    Joking aside about the correct time for socialising, it is sensible to park the bike at dusk and not ride in the dark at all, whatever the route? What is the opinion of those who ride regularly.


  2. Hi Tony,

    General consensus would be to avoid riding at night if at all possible in S.E Asia. Road condition, dogs, farm animals, pissed-up locals will all conspire to have you off. Best to allow a decent amount of time to get to your proposed destination in daylight then relax in readiness for the next day's awesome ride!


  3. Hi

    As Pikey said,, too damn dangerous,, i have done few late night drives and it's just too much work and [email protected]#*n dangerous.

    then again really early morning start is nice,, just about sunrice when the air is still cool and roads are still empty...
    only problem is early morning ride humidity and roads are in some places really slippery, like driving in the ice,, and we all know how hard is that, with out spike's..LOL

    take your time and ride daylight is my advice as well.
  4. Thank you Gents

    It makes perfect sense and your comments are appreciated and help with the planning of a visit. I am sure your responses will also help others who are not as relaxed about Thailand as the residents and are anticipating visiting and riding the Golden Triangle

  5. fit the best bulbs and lights you can get ,,,,but plan to avoid riding at night as much as possible.
  6. I agree with not "traveling " at night if it can be avoided. However, while in Sappong for a Lahu New Year celebration, around midnight I chose to ride my bike from the guesthouse up to the village and back .

    It was only about a 15km ride and I do have very bright lights on my bike. With the winding mountain road, enveloped by trees, and almost total darkness on the deserted road it was like riding in a huge natural tunnel. I could only see what was illuminated by the light and anything outside of it's cone was black and silent. It was quite a surreal and enjoyable ride and it felt like I was the only person on the planet. I rode to a nearby viewpoint and could see small fires and smoke from the villages and the flames all around the mountains as it was the burning season. It is quite a memorable experience. :D
  7. I was at that same "event" but by midnight was in an alcohol-induced coma...... :roll:


  8. Who is it that has the signature along these lines

    "Take the unfamiliar route, you never know what you may find"

    Have had many memorable experiences breaking cardinal rules in scuba and sailing.

    I appreciate the answers and advice. Can now go forward as informed and aware and make my own decision
  9. When you are in the Zone on a great road sometimes riding at night especially with a full moon can be a magical experience .

    But watch out for the elephants they blend in to the background perfectly ...I know ..i nearly arse ended one .....at least dogs and other animals eyes show up in the lights ...but drunken Thais on honda deams wih no lights are the other main hazard apart from crap road surfaces.
  10. Arh, with good lights on the Africa Twin night riding turns me on. :)

    But be prepared for bits of missing road :shock:

    Silverhawk on the road at night, with extra illumination to light up the road :wink:

    But generally if you're new in the kingdom & not experienced with the local conditions, then DON'T ride at night. It's dangerous. :x
  11. Try this one in the dark:


    The weeds are the only giveaway. I didn't realise how big the hole was until I had passed on the other side:


    The bridge is behind a bend and further obscured by the vegetation, which has reduced the width of the road by about 1/3.

    Location is road 8033, just off the 1175 which crosses the hills North of Mae Sot. N17 00.873 E98 34.480
  12. Holy Grap,,, that is really dangerous.

    thanx for sharing,,,

    we seen pot holes but that is human trap already
  13. A buddy of mine hit a Kangaroo outside Cobber Pedy on a Ducati back in 1988 ( Australia). He is paraylised from the neck down. I would never ride at night out in the country during or after sundown if I can posssibly avoid it. Start early, finish early!
  14. As all have said, lack of visibility just add to the existing hazards.
    One additional factor is that near dusk, all the bugs seem to come out and your visor can suddenly become totally spattered with them, cannot deal with it on the move and need a lot of water and tissue to clear them off.
    I sometimes will ride on the major dual carriageways if I am familiar with them, some are even lit on stretches, eg the No 2 from Udon to Khon Kaen is a reasonable ride at night, just slow down and watch out for poorly or unlit vehicles and stray animals. But as others I avoid unknown roads at night.
  15. I have great lights my rule is if I don't know the road, no way.

    But if get stuck sloww down and don't over ride your lights. On the bigger roads tuck in behind a vehilce and use his lights as well.

    Village roads just to many things can go wrong and no time to react.
  16. I've got to admint Beddhist, that one is about as bad as I have seen for being a hidden hazard. :shock:
  17. Last time I rode at night in Thailand I ran over a dog and I was very lucky to escape unscathed. I try to avoid riding at night as much as possible...
  18. +10 for the advice!

    Remember, we are near the end of the rainy season, so road washouts are common! Even if you think you know a road, it might not be there after a good rain! Beddhist's pic is a perfect example!

    Good luck and have fun Tonykiwi!
  19. Agreed that one looks as bad as, but remember this one Silverhawk


    So yeah you guys, don't ride at night (unless you know the road & have extremely good lights.)
  20. A sobering thread with some very helpful advice


  21. Hi Friends,

    Why to ride at night, nothing better to do ? Bloody dangerous, specially for those who have the vision accuity failing due to age...
  22. Wet season wash outs, wandering cattle, on coming motorists at full beam, dogs sleeping on the warm road, scooters and tractors with no lights, drunks heading home, bugs, beetles and other flying visor blockers and paint despoilers. Even if you know the road you don't know who or what's on it at the time. Why would you want to ride at night? There's much better things to be doing, and one of them would preclude riding anyway.
  23. Davidfl, I had totally forgotten about that one.

    David, sounds like the majority feel we should lock ourselves away when the sun goes down or drink ourselves into a coma. Sorry, to each his own. Proper equipment; you know like LIGHTS!, and a certain amount of caution and common sense are of course needed just as it is in the daytime. As I said in my post above, sometimes the experience is worth it.

    213865994_VMiZh-S. 213866019_nqnYM-S.
  24. Yep each to his own.
    It's 9.45 PM & Heikel has just arrived in Chiang Khong on his way to Laos - a night ride to CK!
    Personally I enjoy the challenge of night riding. Yeah you need good lights, but you must ride within your limits (the same in the day time), plus don't go faster than you can stop. Simple!
    Shyte I can remember leaving Cnx at 5PM for a ride to Loei a few years go. All good fun I reckon.
    But if you're new here, then I don't recommend night riding.
  25. i agree with the silverhawk here as long as you are cautious and actively aware of what hazards and come-uppances you might come across here in south east asia, than riding at night is good fun, its not so bloody hot for a start!
    i remember doing the 1148 in the dark dragging my rear brake so another not so eagle-eyed gt-rider following me had something to aim for and follow, so i reckon with concentration and cautio should see you through alright...

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