Riding condition real time?

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  1. I am planning to ride up to cm tomorrow for a few days of sport riding. I would like to know how the roads are around the loop? Anything to be avoided etc.

  2. y99, i did the loop two days ago.. all in good nick... on start of loop going out from 121 about 1.5k in there is a bit of light gravel on road where quarry trucks pull out otherwise no issues... if you go further a field like 118/ 107 they are in good condition however avoid 118 if its wet.. glazed shiny stuff like weaering socks on a freshly waxed floor...
  3. Exactly which loop are we talking about?
  4. mae hong son ..... sorry didnt know there was another one. i guess i need to get out more.
  5. The Mae Hong Son Lop
    The Samoeng Loop
    The Phrao Loops
    there are heaps to do & ride North Thailand

    Check some of these out here
    and here

    For the MHS loop I think generally it should all be ok.
    Mae Malai - Pai gets a bit bumpy n places
    Pai - Soppong -MHs - Khun Yuam is pretty much race track surface.
    Khun Yuam - Mae Sarieng - Kong Loi is not as good.
    Kong Loi - Hot is sometimes patchy asphalt up on the ridge line
    Hot - Chomthong should just about be all 4-lane now.
    Chomthong - Cnx = fast 4 lane dual carriageway.

    Enjoy. There is a lot of cloud cover & showers around.
  6. great info really appreciate it. Last time i was in cm i did the sight-seeing tour as the wife was with me. Now i am going solo on the z1000 and riding will be the priority
  7. Take it easy. No rush. Ride to return....you've got nothing to prove. Check your tyres & air pressure before you set off.

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