Riding in remote areas of NE Cambodia

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  1. I did 3 weeks riding the remote areas of NE Cambodia solo.Alot of great riding,some of it was exhausting.It is easy to lose your way,so be patient.Anyone wanting tips or info for this area,feel free to ask me.Keep the wind in your face! ntb
  2. Hi there, I have done telecom surveys there, but very little pleasure riding there. I am looking to take people up there on budget tours, so any info would be welcome, also willing to share any info I have on other areas with you.
  3. solo riding for 3 weeks? NE Cambodia is not really hard except the route from Stung Treng to Preah Vihear, is it? please share us more.
  4. There are loads of tracks and trails to explore up there, I found this out on telecom surveys, your GPS is your best mate up there, plus, having a bilingual local for telephone support, talk to locals, get directions etc. can be a big help. I can help you with this.
  5. Heyup ntb, the best deal I can get you is 15usd per day for either a 250, XR, Baja, Djebel, you will need to give me a weeks notice, minimum to book one for you.

    I have access to 12 bikes, but often, the bigger tour companies overbook and snap them up, so the earlier you book, the better your chance of getting a bike.

    In other words, book as soon as is possible!

  6. Two routes I really enjoyed;Stung Trang to Tbeng Meanchey ( the back way through Chheb Kandal ) and the other was Ban Lung to Siem Pang. Both routes are all dirt,sand,rivers and remote villages.Good riding and good time.I rode solo and had no problems.Except one flat tire,which was part of the fun experience.Thankfully I had spare inner tube,tools and hand pump.

  7. I'm headed NE/SE Cambodia in late January. I'd like to do the trail between Ban Lung and Sen Monorom. Any updates on trail condition and time budget? I've heard it's fun and not too difficult. Also like to know about the ride from Kampong Thom up north along NH64 toward Tbaeng Meanchey and then east on jungle trail (map says 213/216) to Stung Treng. Is this possible? Looks like the trail dies before it gets to the Mekong at Stung Treng. Thanks for any help!

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