Riding partner end of march and/or start of april.

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    I am 32 years old dane. I have lived in Thailand for 10 years.

    I will be starting from Chiang rai. Then head down to Pattaya. Then to shinoukville and visit a friend there. Then up to Udon Thani through Cambodia. I would like to see Ankhor wat on the way.

    I am looking for a partner to ride with through Cambodia. I am riding a kawasaki vulcan, new bike, which i bought 2 month ago. I would prefer the trip to end before song kran, as traveling on motorbike is not nice those days.

    Please post here or send me a PM.
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    i assume u stick on the mainroad all the time since u r using a kawi vulvan. since i have never been to thailaind, i dont know wat it is like there during the new year.

    however, during the new year in cambodia, people will smash each other in the city or town. And, if u r in a village, they will ask u drink some wine--khmer wine--- and pay lil money during the stop and they use the money contributed for the music to dance during the night. Yet, i dont think u gonna use that bike to visit any village anyway since its an on street bike.

    And i dont think its a problem to ride alone in Cambodia as well.

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