Riding Partners in November CNX


Aug 22, 2005
Middle aged curmudgeon will be returning to home in Chiang Mai for annual visit in November. I may be looking for riding partners as my family is putting pressure on me, not being as young as I once was but sometimes just as foolish, not to ride solo deep into the hills. I mostly do day trips north and west of Samoeng as my home is itself in the hills outside of Mae Rim, but I am very open to other suggestions. I speak somewhat rusty yet very passable Thai, ride like a little old lady as I used up my nine lives on a motorcycle in Thailand 20 years ago, but I will ride just about anywhere as I learned to ride a motorcycle on these same dirt roads. I might be taking one or two overnight trips, one towards Pai and one to Mae Sot to visit friends. Most trips will be mid-week as I will try to be in town on the weekends to be with my daughter who is attending classes at a local university. Women riders also welcome as long as you can tolerate a balding slightly overweight riding companion who combines leftist political tendencies with a politically incorrect sense of humor. Ideal traveling companion for anthropology field researcher as I have spent far more time living in upland minority communities than most. Feel free to use our fearless leader of these boards as a reference as we, and our families, have been good friends for over 25 years now. BTW, will probably be renting a D-Tracker as my ride.