Riding Recce With Joe Silverhawk

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  1. The last two days have been some of the most enjoyable riding in spite of the weather
    and more surprisingly only a few hours away from Chiang Mai centre.


    It started with Silverhawk showing me the stunningly beautiful 1252.

    Dense & overgrown with partial road collapses to negotiate
    it partially runs through the Chae Son National Park before rejoining the 118.


    River fords are part of the obstacles that one negotiates.


    Silverhawk was being a trooper as I was looking for an action shot for a 2009 calendar shoot.
    Tho I believe I got a little more damp than the rider!

    Joe had another idea going up to Mae Taeng and "just beyond the elephant camps there's some dirt road river crossings".
    Silverhawk gamely agreed to accompany us believing -as did I- that it would be a short jaunt.

    Joe had other ideas bringing along a mate of his, Momo Casanova [true!]...

    in his Kawasaki Vulcan side car combo.

    Now I was still under the impression that we were in for a tame little foray that may involve a bit of dirt ...


    Joe set off up the 107 @ a blistering pace
    and then hung a left to the elephant camps


    here things got a little sticky
    and it was becoming clear that we may well not be back by 6pm - Joe's estimate...


    The mud was eastern front thick but the Teutonic duo powered forward


    The Scrambler didn't have the benefit of an outrigger


    Splash !

    Joe was in his element


    Finally we got to the watercrossing


    The local washing her laundry was not too impressed

    especially as Joe had to go back and do it again


    and then back


    The Scrambler was not so easy on the slippery rocks


    stopping mid-stream is not such a good move



    Joe hadn't realised that his battery was dying..

    By this time the Vulcan didn't want to play anymore and needed a push start

    Finally we slid into Sop Kai


    Here the river height was evident


    and up river


    A break & warm sticky drinks & snickers were in order

    Silverhawk looking his imperturbable self

    from Sop Kai we took the 4024 to the 1095
    and then the 107 back to town.

    A great ride, made more adventurous by the conditions and the state of the 4024 with its very steep gradients and applecrumble surface.

    Thoroughly enjoyable - and many thanks to Joe & his mate, as well as to our own Silverhawk
    for putting together two cracking rides.

    summed up by a sign espied by Silverhawk on an adventure tour pickup


    Pictures were from Silverhawk, Joe & Rhodie
  2. Rhodie has pretty much summed it up- A good job by him taking the scrambler through some new riding experiences and remaining upright. :shock:

    Joe is simply unbelievable with his sidecar. Never phased.

    The route;



    Thanks to Joe for showing me a new route.
  3. When I read about this day ride all I could think of was poor Joe in his sidehack up the potholed dirt road to Sop Gai. What a chore I feared, threading that thing through the muck and holes. Then I see the photos and believe me no such fears were warranted. Hats of to Joe for piloting the three legged donkey through stuff better suited to an XR250.

    Good on you gents for having some fun in the wet.
  4. Rhodie!! look so fun and good experience for your Scrambler in dirt road.
  5. Just to remind you that the ride out was for a recce to find a location
    for some action shots for YSS's 2009 calendar.
    Thanks to Joe we found the ideal forde with dirt road running in & out for
    David [aka the Snail] to pilot the Beamer through it.

    Well, thanks to David we achieved a cracking shoot today
    - and I'll share the images after YSS have sanctioned them.
    Happy Feet was i/c wardrobe so everything was suitably colour coordinated.
    Much appreciated mate!

    However... a funny thing happened on the way back...


    A clever bit of riverside parking - I think not.

    Well this Muppet manque managed to follow a rut over the edge,
    and was rather fortunate, insofar that the gully arrested my downward descent to the river below!

    Some kind South Africans on their way to river raft, when they had finished laughing,
    retrieved the lump of metal which fired up first time and got me going.
    But a subsequent rainstorm put paid to further progress and the Samaritan services of Silverhawk
    brought me back to CNX a little chastened and with two cracked ribs.

    On the way back the sight of a dead elephant being hoisted onto a truck
    was a little too poignant - on a number of levels.
    The crane hire lads nearly had a twofer!
  6. Rhodie-

    You're not the first, and probably not the last, to return to Chiang Mai on the back of my truck :oops:

    I hope the ribs are not too painful and fortunately there was nothing more serious. :D
  7. Rhodie
    Dare I say it: look so fun and good experience for your Scrambler in dirt road I hope both you & the bike are "ok" & recovering well.
    It also looks like you might have given that elephant one hell of a fright! Ha. Ha.
    After this honest display & post no one can say you try to keep your stuff-ups quiet like a few others.
    Good on you & thanks a million for the laughs.
  8. look so fun and good experience for your Scrambler in dirt road
    This was just asking for trouble, heh :shock:

    In spite of river valley parking incident it was a [rib] cracking day. :lol:
    Sad about the Elly tho

    But The Snail was truly in his element

    Here's some spectacular Scrambler watersports



    But this is what the day was all about

    That and Silverhawk's emergency response - a great GT biking brother!
    Thanks again mate!
  9. Yes 2 cheers for Silverhawk. He's been called out several times now by incapacitated GT Riders & always been there to help when called upon. A true GT Rider & mate.
  10. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Sometimes it's just a good excuse to get me out of the house :p
  11. Yeah I can easily image how this would give you a chuckle, even with the cracked ribs. Years ago I was riding briskly along R108 between Mae Sarieng & Khun Yuam & flying round a corner we overtook a dead elephant being dragged along the road. Unbelievable & bizarre, an almost surreal experience. So we had to stop & take photos as proof.
  12. Finally! The perfect example of 'parallel parking' or should that be 'angle parking'?
  13. Rhodie
    You said Joe told you this was a trail "we" used to do 10+ years ago.
    Here's a snap of the Snail on his XL650? in the same? stream a few years back.


    Not much has changed eh? Amazing! It still looks the same after all these years & the boys still like to do the same "silly things."
  14. A serious thumbs up for Rhodie sticking it in places it surely does not belong. A true GT rider showing where there's a will, there's a way.

    Also hats off to the enthusiastic product testers of YSS willing to put their products through the paces in the search for a better product. Rhodie I know the exact spot on the road where you happened to auger in at. Just a week ago we dug and tug a truck out of that same spot on the way to Sop Gai. Lord knows there is a perfect track three feet left of the bike but the highly paid YSS product testers leave no stone un turned in searching out challenges for their suspension. Good on you gents!!!

    Rhodie glad you saved the swan dive to the river below for another day.

    So how abused is the Scrambler now post road launch?

    Sorry 'bout the ribs. Though there is a joint a few sois from you with the name "star of Light" that should assist in your recovery and be able to work around your wounds. They have experience with working within the confines of busted ribs I'm told. best of luck.

    Another +1 on patting Silverhawk on the back for a rescue. He's been my "saving grace" as well.

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