Riding through Malaysia


Nov 12, 2003
I'm planning a ride down to Melaka from Phuket this December or January - have always wanted to check it out. And maybe a ferry over to Medan.

Has anyone taken a bike down there from Thailand? What documents will I need to take? Just bike registration (it is in my name - no problem there)?

Would like to hear from anyone who has done some bike riding in Malaysia - road conditions - good back roads - good places to stay - general prices - safety issues, etc. - preferably from a bike-riding perspective.

Also curious about the prevelance of bike shops - I ride a Honda - really doubt the bike will need any work, but just in case.

Primarily interested in the beauty of the ride - as well as a little history. Coastal and/or mountain roads are my preference.

I don't like to ride more than about four hours a day - generally only about 80-100km/hr. Any thoughts on how long it migh take? Slow and mellow trip is the plan.

Ideas on what's fun - what isn't, also helpful.


Feb 7, 2003
The most direct and simple route from the Sadao custom to melaka is to take the North South Highway.
The road condition is very good but it is boring.
It should be around 650km++ from the sadao custom.
You can do some detour on the way to melaka.
There are a few mountains or highlands that are interesting to ride.
Like the cameron highland and fazer hill. There is also the famous Casino on top of the Genting highland.
If you want to see the more quite kampong lifesyle, then suggest you go on the east side of malaysia, where there are beautiful coastal road.
You can try to look into the web site of the motorcycling club that I belong to. You can find some ride reports to the different parts of malaysia.
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