Rim Taan Guesthouse: a Shan / Tai Lue wedding

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  1. Fans of Rim Taan guesthouse & John in Thoed Thai might be interested in some wedding photos from his daughter Nui's wedding on Friday 9th December 2011.

    I was fortunate enough to attend, but for a 2nd Thoed Thai trip in row had camera battery trouble. This time it was my own fault - not charging the camera battery up the night before I left. I managed 1 photo & the battery was flat & needed recharging. Soi my pix were all taken later on in low light / at night time.

    Not to worry

    The entrance to Rim Taan Guesthouse & the wedding reception.


    The lucky couple

    With John's wife Nuan a Tai Lue from Luang Nam Tha, people came from Houei Xai, Luang Nam Tha, the USA, Japan & many places in North Thailand.
    At the peak of the night about 1,000 people were there & it was a huge wedding.



    For those familiar with Thoed Thai & Rim Taan,
    the Ting Ting restaurant courtyard next door was full with tables & chairs for the locals; & the Rim Taan courtyard was full with guests from out of province / country.


    Being the only westerner there it was an incredible experience for me.
    John's kids & relatives from Seattle in the US numbered about 12 & it was an absolute pleasure to meet, talk, drink & eat with them.


    It was a glorious full moon night

    & once the show got under way there was lots of ramwong, line dancing, plus singing from many of the guests (except me).




    Khun Sa's old cook & daughter


    Pon, John's son with Lamduan owner of Saraburi restaurant & the cook's daughter


    The 2 best looking women there were Lue girls from Luang Nam Tha


    I was able to sneak in early for a photo before they got mobbed by the local guys wanting to try their luck in courtship. Talk about flies around a jam pot, it was hilarious.

    The happy couple, relaxing towards the end of the night.


    Cheers one & all. It was a ride & trip with a difference.
    Thoed Thai is one of my favourite escapes in North Thailand. A remote out of the way place it still has an excellent traditional warm & friendly fell about it.

    Wat Kha Kham

    The Rim Taan guesthouse is the place to say; & the Ting Ting restaurant next door serves delicious fresh cheap food.

    Check it out sometime. It one of the best hidden gems of North Thailand.
  2. An exceptional and rare experience to attend such an event. Wish I had been there.
  3. Bump for Ian Yonok, just to confirm that the other day it was John's son-in-law asking about your old bike.

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