Rip - Tom Wignall - Ex Goodwill Motorcycle Hire / Joes Bike Team

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  1. Sad news received today is that Tom Wignall, ex Goodwill Motorcycle Hire / Joes Bike Team has passed away.

    Tom was a quiet, well mannered, lovely old school English gentleman  who ran Goodwill Motorcycle Hire in Chang Moi Kao road 20+ years ago, before partnering up with Joe for many  years.

    One of the original big bike hire shops in Chiang Mai, Tom always had a reputation for honesty & integrity, as well as reliable well serviced bikes.

    He has been retired for several years & has been living in Tha Ton for the last few years.

    Tom suffered a stroke & passed away yesterday - 17th September - peacefully at the age of 73 years.

    He will be cremated on Saturday morning - 19th September - in the village where he living just out of Tha Ton.

    Sorry but I do not have anymore information to hand.

    However I do understand that his wife is not in very good financial position & it has been suggested that old friends may wish to provide  some help.

    More details to come once they are provided.

    RIP Tom, you were a wonderful, polite sincere gentleman.

    If anyone has any  photos of Tom, would you please post them.
  2. Sad news indeed! great guy, great mechanic, RIP, sorry no photos.
  3. Rest in Peace Tom. You were one of the Last of the Old Style Gentleman Expats! Always Polite, knowledgeable and Helpful!

    Not like some of the New Breed of Aliens coming to Live here, We all know some!
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  4. I arrived in Chiang Mai about the same time as Tom who at first had a bike rental shop near Sompet market. later he rented the shop me and my wife moved out of and while he lived at Borsang and Ban Bo Hin he was never more than 10 ks away.

    3 years ago he turned up still 10ks away from me near Tha Ton so as the only 2 Brits in the district we met just about every week for coffee and complaints about immigration, visas and 90 day reports.

    For 15 years Tom suffered high blood pressure and blood sugar not helped by his dislike for exercise (self-admitted) and his love for bacon sandwiches, German sausage and chocolate. He recently told me he had ate these all his life and "they had never done him any harm". No points arguing with that.

    He'd got frail but on the Monday he was as good as usual then his wife is at my door in tears on Thursday morning telling me of his death. I know if I could get a message from him now he'd say " I was sure I had another 5 years".

    He was living on his monthly pension which his wife has no access to until she can change the name on the bank account. He left almost no cash, an old car worth little and a small 125 Honda so his wife needs any help she can get to get through the next few months. David now has the bank details if anyone can spare a few baht.

    Goodbye Tom, I'll miss the chats.
  6. Hi Steve

    I would like to get in contact you regarding Tom. I am his son and have been searching for him for a great number of years and finally tracked him down here on this site only to find that he has died back in 2015. Feel free to email me at [email protected].

    I have a lot of questions, i have already spoken to Joe whom my Dad worked with for 20+years.

    Please please contact me via my email. I look forward to hearing from you. Darren
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  7. Steve should be in touch soon. I've sent him a message.
    Good luck.
  8. 20150825_220509. IMG_1612.JPG 20150825_220852.
    Hi David

    My name is Darren and i have been searching for my Dad Tom for a great number of years i would very much like to get in contact with you regarding my Dad. My email is [email protected] .

    I have a couple of pictures of when my Dad married my mom and and at my christening.
  9. Thankyou ever so much
  10. Fantastic photos of Tom.
    Very touching.
    Ive sent you an email.
  11. Tom at work in Joe's Big Bikes

    glad you got this pic Darren + the others (must be from Joe & Steve.)
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  13. Great Stuff. I am sure He would be rather Pleased to be on the Chedi! He was a Hubble Man so this would mean a lot! Good for Him. R.I.P Tom.
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  14. A well deserved tribute!

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