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  1. Ally

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    Setting out just before midday, it was bound to be warm but I think the temperature was so damned Hot that despite wearing airflow & drinking loads of water, today must be the hottest I have ever been here.

    Down the 121 from the 108 until the Ping River and I turned right onto the river side road and stuck with the river to my left.



    Along here I found a delightful little coffee shop run by a dear little old lady who served up a very tasty iced coffee.




    I continued further until Ban Pak Bong where I crossed the bridge and took the 1156 south.


    I found myself a riverside restaurant with a view over the river watching the dredging process and looking at Wat Phrathat Doi Noi on the the small hill on the far side.




    After a short stop I continued down the 1156 until it meets the 1010 at Wang Phang.

    I turned right and then picked up the riverside track just over the bridge and continued south. Along here I took a couple of dusty excursions to get closer to the river and they were well worth it.









    Near Sop Tia I crossed the river again and joined 3004 until the next bridge where I visited Wat Hat Nak.





    After a brief walk around the building site, I crossed back over the river and continued down to Nong Pla Sawai & visited Wat San Chedi Rim Ping, an altogether more magnificent and creation with an outstanding old archway & Chedi.






    I then took the 3058 and some river hugging tracks further towards Hot where I was looking for a familiar Mae Soi Phatthana Bridge, as I wanted to visit a piece of land we own near by. I take the 4316 until it does a sharp right and I take the dirt to our land.

    This place was gorgeous a couple of years back until some silly idiot neighbour burnt it to the ground. The Lamyai trees were quite mature and it was a pleasure to go down there and walk around in a wilderness. Since then I haven't been back & we just left the place to go to ruin. Shame.




    After a brief stop I rode through to the 4009. If I wrote 20 expletives, it would not do the joy of this road justice, I guess I just have to say it's a bit of all right.



    I visited Huai Muang Ton Lang Reservoir but there was no sign of water and if there was, the house / shacks that have been built there would be washed away.


    I rode the 4009 north until it met the 3004 and then the 1010 at which I took it back to Wang Phang and found the 1156 back towards home and then the 4200 to San Patong & Hang Dong.




    The distance today was 185 km and the roads were a little of everything, I had wet, dusty, straight & curves. I had scenery and good food, I had some interesting photo stops and above all I had a brilliant ride.

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  3. Ally

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    Well Colin

    This new board software is as easy to use as ever and yet hardly anyone posts their trips. Maybe it's the weather that's stopping them from riding, as it sure is affecting some peoples abilities to stay cool :lol-sign: The weather that is & not the board software !It seems fashionable to post about the software!


  4. tonykiwi

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    The photo 6 up from the bottom looks almost like an orchard of some sort. Is that the case, and if it is, any ideas what is growing there?

  5. Ally

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    Hi there Tony, that area is jam packed with Lamyai (Longan) except for where the maniacs have burnt their neighbours trees to an inch of the ground!

    Another couple of months and we shall all have the opportunity of looking like Lamyai with all that fruit available for eating.

    When are you back here Tony?

  6. tonykiwi

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    I am back just in time for the Lamyai by the looks of it. I am back 3rd June for the month and even joined by my lovely wife for the last few days of the month.

    My home here in New Zealand is in the North of the North Island and is a horticultural area so heaps of Citrus, Kiwifruit and vinyards around here hence my interest in things fruity.

    What were those other fruits I bought when I was there. Hard shell and you cut the top off and they were like the texture of Lamyai but segmented. Reddy brown in colour. Always carried a bag on my bike for a snack.

    Thanks for the info, good photos as always

  7. Ally

    Ally Ol'Timer

    Tony, that would be Mangosteen by the sound of it or locally known as Mankoot. Delicious, especially after a spicy meal.

  8. Franz

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    Ally my friend, great to see you on the road again. Now that you gained a lot of personal quality time again I'm glad you can do some riding. Thanks for the bread you brought to me the other day, gonna visit this German's bakery after the Songkran mayhem is over and go for some good rolls...... :smile1: . Nice report & pxs as always. Are you coming this time on the 24th ?? Take Tuk with you will ya please :thumbup: !! Cheeers, Franz
  9. Ally

    Ally Ol'Timer

    Yes indeed Franz, we will both be coming along, really looking forward chatting to you again, this time with trousers on though!



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