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Discussion in 'Central Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by Mikey_BKK, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Mikey_BKK

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    I tried to take road 3462 which goes over the mountainous area between Nakon Ratchasima province and Sa Kaew (passes Pang Sida national park) in December 2010 but was not allowed to pass. The guards said that the road had been closed for a few years now, no idea when it was going to be fixed and opened again
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  3. TonyBKK

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    I tried to ride the 3462 a while back too but like many roads that you find on maps here in Thailand- the 3462 was never actually completed.

    Personally I think building roads right through the middle of National Parks isn't such a great idea so I'm happy to see this one was mothballed.

    Happy Trails!

  4. Mikey_BKK

    Mikey_BKK New Member

    I have tried both from the north and from the south and was turned down both times

    Beautiful pics Colin, thanks for sharing
  5. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    You can ride in, like Colin did, you just can't go through as the road was planned but never actually completed.

    Apparently there's a trail and you can hike it, but I was told by the park service that getting through on a bike would be nearly impossible as there are some un-bridged gorges that are pretty much impassable and no plans to build any bridges.

    Interesting- I just checked google maps and it seems it's been updated as it now no longer shows the 3462 going through the park.

    But there are some other map sites that still show the road going through:


    The reservoir near the northern entrance to the park is quite beautiful-

    Ride On!

  6. whitehead

    whitehead Ol'Timer

    I know these two parks very well, the road was completed as a converted logging track about 20+ years ago and you could drive through BUT it was closed about 10 years ago and allowed to re-fallow because of the disturbance to the nature in the area. Turns out it was a very good decision because I personally saw a tiger up there 3 years ago. The high mountain areas between these two parks is a refuge for many endangered species and if there is any chance that the extinct Kouprey still does survive its in this area. I have walked about 70% of the "closed" track and believe you me theres no way you could (or would be allowed to attempt it) on an offroad bike - even walking in sections is a real struggle. It takes 3 days to walk/hack through the closed section in the dry season (longer in the wet season).

    It will never be opened again, nature has reclaimed it - its a bit wierd to be in there though and see a road sign still sticking out of the side of the jungle (and it really is jungle up there), or to catch a glimpse of steel reinforcing from an old concrete culvert at the side of the track.
  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Like your website
    Chiang Kham

    I did not know you were a friend of Bruce Kekule's
    Bruce & I are old squash & drinking buddies from 20 years ago.
    Bruce had the first ever Harley-Davidson motorbike in Chiang Mai 30+? years ago?

    Having looked at your website & some photos there is no doubt you're the real thing & know your stuff.
    Well done & congratulations.
    Thanks for the tips. If you have anymore....
  8. whitehead

    whitehead Ol'Timer

    Hi David

    Many thanks. Bruce is indeed a very good friend (and Thailand's true Zen Master of wildlife photography) and he has recounted some of his old harley stories to me in the pub and over the camp fire. One of Thailand's great characters!! he told me he knew you a few weeks back.

    I should be up on the northern side (Khon Buri side) of this road next month so will take and post some pics of it, for those who have already been up there to see in its current state. It cost me a lot of paint and wing mirror last time and was getting close to undriveable again - I suspect it will be closed off soon for good.

    The Pang Sida NP side is well maintained to the monument. Capt Slash's write-up and pics are great - the rangers would have had a heart attack if they had known he had gone passed the heritage monument !!
  9. whitehead

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    Have PM'd you
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    Ok sent already
  12. whitehead

    whitehead Ol'Timer

    Just back from trips (nature not riding) to both sides of this road - northern route (Khorat to Srakaeo) closed at Klong Lam Man. No access - period.

    Southern route (SraKaeo to Khorat) closed at Pang Sida Waterfall - need written pass to go further (obtainable at Visitor's Centre). Also need a ranger to go further and venture off the Thanon Daeng. No bikes allowed off track, foot only (even on foot must be accompanied by ranger).
  13. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Back in 1997 i went through that road in a 4 X 4 it was not easy even then, and there is a lot of interesting wildlife in that area
    tigers are in the area one even went feral in villages near Nampooktao and phrapong in 1998 turned out to be an old male that had lost its teeth and was going for livestock and possibly people it was shot by a ranger the railway.

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