Road bike and dirt bike rides in Vietnam

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  1. I know these guys. Apart from a few small issues, nothing to say.
  2. More bike options (Honda road bikes and motorcross) are available. We offer free upgrade from Minsk to Honda 160cc until the end of 2007. Latest comments about Honda road bikes at
  3. We now offer trail bike Honda XR 250cc rides in Vietnam. Despite the fact that there is not much off-road in Vietnam, back roads and country roads are really the way to go.
  4. I've had a few of our clients from Laos run with them on tours and the reviews have been good. It was disappointing for our clients to step down from 250 Honda to a 2 stroke Minsk but one thing that is certain, VN has pretty stunning scenery and any bike you are on is worth the ride.

    I know the black XL in the photo and like other operators in VN, things are moving up in cc scale and this is a good thing.
  5. The black trail bike is a 1998 XR model.

    Some photos from May ride by Clayton Scott who allowed us to use these for promotional purposes. Thank you Scott.









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