Road from Huai Nam Dang to Wiang Haeng


Nov 10, 2003
Has anyone info on the condition of the road from Huai Nam Dang NP to Doi Chang and Doi Sam Muen and then on to Wiang Haeng.

A few years ago people did this by truck but it took them 4 hours from Doi Sam Muen to Wiang Haeng (distance about 25 km.) so I wonder if the road has been improved lately or is still bad. Any info on this is welcome.
Oct 12, 2005
I'm gonna explore that offroad trail from outside Mae Wang over to Inthanon first. Then i'll put this area on my list.

Just got back from a supermotard ride that went through Wiang haeng and the scenery and topography look wonderful so next up will then be ferretting around up there on the dirt bike.

Thanks for the carrot guys.
Dec 7, 2006
You got it. I just need to get new tires and a kickstart this week and I'm off for a few weeks. Going to go to Wawi for some coffee and maybe a few tracks for David (We have a lot of Davids here so I'm going to start calling him the godfather)then head to Nan and whatever eles catches my eye. I'll do your track on the way up.