Road Poipet to Siem Reap


Mar 26, 2005
We had read a lot of stuff about this road before using it yesterday. The road was very badly washed out in the rainy season and fixed up about a month ago. However, it is a pretty hard road, especially when it is unseasonally hot as it is here at the moment.

The first 50km have been asphalted some years ago and now very badly potholed with some areas of surface missing completely. Can't travel at more than about 50km per hour on a big bike 2 up with luggage (we travelled with another couple on big old BMW and they had the same problems as us).

The second longest section of 70 km is red dirt. It was packed and graded about a month ago but is showing wear already. Again 50km per hour is about as fast as you can go on a big bike 2 up. In parts it was rutted and really bone shaking, in others pretty sandy. Cars and buses were kicking up a lot of dust and we were covered in it. On one of the wooden bridges a truck had caused the bridge to break and was stuck across the bridge when we arrived. We had to ride across a hole so look out for holes as there are a lot of wooden bridges. This section seemed to go on forever and took us a couple of hours, the countryside is pretty souless here and we were all a bit despondent at times. It was a very hot day, it would be better in cooler weather.

The final stretch of 30 km is much better with asphalt only damaged in parts and much faster.

Having said all this, we were overtaken by a Farang guy on a 250 who seemed to be finding it a lot easier that our 2 bikes.

It is very hot at the moment and you should take water in case you break down as there are long stretches with not much around. There is plenty of traffic though and you should be picked up if you have a breakdown.

The locals say that the road is not due to be upgraded until 2008! The journey took us 5 hours with another 3 at the border so reckon on a full day. You really need to stay at Aranyaprathet overnight and be at the border before it opens at 7 a.m.


Look at our photos:
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Dec 6, 2005
I did that road in the back seat of a Camry before Christmas. I remember looking out the window as we went through a pothole, and the road was level with the bottom of the window.

I am sure that you will find the road from SR to PP is in (almost) A1 condition.

I have heard on another forum that the reason the Poipet SR road is in such bad condition is the Bangkok Airways is paying of the CB gov't not to fix the road to encourage all of the tourists to fly rather than go with tourists coaches. Seems quite plausible to me.

Aug 7, 2003
Thanks for the report,

I can give one piece of info for anyone in Cambodia and going off the mains roads. SLOW DOWN FOR EVERY BRIDGE!!!

Most of them you can't see the holes, and they might be OK for cars.The planks can be loose, steel plates loose or missing, steep drop off on the other side. 10 bridges will be OK and then you get lazy and hit the one that gets you, I have personal experience of sliding along a Bailey Bridge at 80kms/h. Not fun. Riding there a lot I have seen 95% of the accidents on/at/near/off bridges.


Harri .XR650R.