Road Report: Chiang Mai - MHS. R1095.

Jan 12, 2003
Road Report: Chiang Mai - MHS. R1095.
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Just back from a couple of nights on the loop, going and returning via the top: Chiang Mai - Pai - Mae Hong Son.

R1095 aint that bad despite all the rain and landslides.
I reckon there are only two "bad" bits
1. 10 kms between the Huay Nam Dang turn off and Pai. For the record the section runs from 12 to approx 22/24 kms east of Pai. The road is covered in sand / dirt in many sections where the mountain has collapsed, and then they have attempted to remove the rubble. If it is wet the road can be a bit of mess, and in one or two places there is only a single track of clean asphalt through the sand.
2. Between Soppong and Nam Khong, there is one landslide, actually just an old one that has been there for a few years, but which has gotten considerably worse this wet season. Its only a problem going down if it is wet, and somewhat greasy / slippery.

I left Ban Tham (north of Soppong, up near the Burma Border) at 3.30 pm and was back in Chiang Mai at 6.30 pm, so overall the road is still ok in the dry.

In Mae Hong Son the word is that the road route 108 is still cut and supposedly impassable between Mae La Noi and Mae Sarieng. At least the buses & mini buses are not getting through. They claim that if there is no rain for a week they will be able to clear the road and make it passable again. Stay tuned.

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