Road Report: Route 1263. Khun Yuam - Mae Na Chon.

Jan 12, 2003
Road Report: Route 1263. Khun Yuam - Mae Na Chon.
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Wed 4th December 2002


Routes 1263 & 1088. Khun Yuam – Mae Chaem

Now all asphalt. 2 very short easy dirt sections on 1088 just south of Mae Na Chon.
18 kms east of Khun Yuam, one major landslide, but only 50 metres of “missing” road. Quite ok if you’re careful, even on a sport bike.
Approx 36 kms east of Khun Yuam one interesting landslip, the road drops about 20 cms, and then jumps up again at the east end. The asphalt aint broken, & if you’re traveling fast, it’s hard to see & can catch you out. I was airborne for a couple of meters when I hit it.
Otherwise the road from Khun Yuam to Mae Na Chon is great, almost deserted with very little traffic.

Fast Non-stop Travel times.
Khun Yuam – Mae Na Chon = 1 hr.
Mae Na Chon – Mae Chaem = 25 mins.
Mae Chaem – Doi Inthanon turn off = 25 mins.
Inthanon turn off – Chiang Mai = 1 hr.

Come on all you other guys out there riding this week / weekend - please contribute and make some Road & Trip reports. Every little bit helps build up the data base.

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