Road Report - Rts. 1083 &1123


Jan 20, 2003
In June, we were heading from Nan to Loei, and decided to try out one of the back ways. We headed south on Rt 101, then took 1026 down to Na Noi.

Rt.1083 heads east from Na Noi. The B&B map shows the first 29K as paved and the remaining 38K as unpaved.

The first section goes to a National Park /Viewpoint, but continuse on thru. The pavement also continued on. Most of the road has been widened and paved - currently just oil and gravel, but markings on the road indicated paving plans.

Only the last 10K is unpaved, and in good condition. We were riding 2-up on a TDM, and had no problems. There were some stretches of packed clay, which may be difficult on a rainy day.

1083 hits 1123 at Pang Hai. If you were heading the other way, the junction is not well marked.

We went south on Rt.1123. It is also shown as unpaved on the B&B map, but it is actually very good asphalt.


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