Road to luang namtha from houie xie And border procedure

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  1. Crossed over on our ninja 65'0's yesterday 2nd.
    First part of the road is ok. You need to be careful, then it becomes truly terrible
    At least on heavy street bikes. Felt the tyres have a mind of their own a few times
    You could easily drop the bike with a bit of bad luck.
    We thought it was never going to end. They had backhoes digging up entire sections.
    And other places rollers flattening it.
    Then all of a sudden the road becomes fantastic. A really lovely ride.

    If you have a street bike I would avoid this until finished. Go another way a d ride down the other way until the road turns to crap the turn back and go back the way you cane.

    Sorry no pics,this delayed us and we were trying to beat night fall.
    Left chiang Mai at 715am at chiang khong around 11.45. Approx 2. 5 hrs to do paper work both side and waiting for the ferry.

    Note Thai side. They refused to do the export paper in town, had to do this at the port.
    Conveyance form in town next to the police station about 1.5 km from the port
    Stamp out at the port.

    Laos note
    Customs house at the landing to the right. As you get off the ferry. Park up a little out ofthe way and walk back up the steps., big open building with table and chairs. No need to get a stamp els where, a woman did it there.
    Next AGL insurance is just around the corner to the right. Leave your bike where it is.
    If in doubt say insurance in French and they understand.
    Next immigration and you are free to go.

    Sorry about my typing. Doing this from iPhone while remember .
  2. Hi Brian, hope you have a nice and troublefree trip in Laos, eager to see some fotos later on how you did on your Ninja650R's there, not exactly the optimum bike for such roads, 55555 :smile1: , enjoy it, b.rgds, Franz
  3. Know what you mean about the road a small group of us did it two weeks ago, its perfect for a while then all broken up, if you stop in Luang Namtha check out the disco next to the fancy Royal hotel, its totally out of place in such a small town, it could easily be in in Berlin or any other European town for that matter.

    By the way, we did the back way to Pongsali, don't even think about it on a sports bike it will end up in pieces rapidly, but one hell of a road if you are on a dirt bike.
  4. Would be great to hear the update on the poor road condition between Huay Xai and Luang Namptha. Is it shorter by now? How long is it now? Thanks.

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