Road to pai and other pre trip questions CR, Nan

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by H Simpson, Dec 17, 2015.

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    So the road to pai is undergoing major repairs with much of it currently ripped back to dirt. I have done the MHS loop a few times, mostly just a 5 day trip solo.

    I'm in Thailand for a few weeks and a friend from Australia is coming for his first bike tour up north, however he has been to los a few times before.

    My plan was to do MHS loop clockwise spending NYE in pai 4 days, then ride to Chiang rai and nan over a week returning to CM. It's not all about the riding, we are also keen to enjoy some bars and music on the trip.  Not sure of the nightlife once I get north of CM but should be able to find something suitable..

    The road pai to CM, is it worth doing on a versys over all the dirt? Perhaps a dtracker would be better however I'm not the most experienced dirt rider if it gets wet and would much prefer an xr400 as I'm 193cm are these available in CM?

    Perhaps we skip MHS loop and fly to pai for a few days, then just ride to CR and nan?

    7 days CM-CR-Nan back to CM is that enough time?

    After this we might fly and see some of Laos,Cambodia and or Vietnam for a couple of weeks and hire a local bike. I wanna try some good Vietnamese food  and drink a beer on the Mekong in Laos :).
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    I'd definitely stay away from Pai over new year - thousands of vehicles going out there for New Year on that road - so you may well be riding in a dust storm at times.

    Head out to Nan first & ride around there & then come back to the MHS Loop after the new year mayhem.

    Note that wherever you go over the new year break the traffic is going to be very heavy & accommodation is going to be "near full" in most places.

    For a trip planning use the GTR one here

    do the Golden Triangle Laos border one in reverse is my recommendation.

    For nightlife & restaurants use the GTR recommendations in here

    For Accommodation suggestions take a look here

    I hope this is a help.

    Have a good time & let us know how you go.
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    What David said re the traffic.

    However I wouldn't be concerned about the Versys handling it. I did that road 2 weeks ago with 9 others on a combination of Honda 500x's, Honda NC 750's, Versys and triumph Bonnevilles. All handled the dust and mud and deep sand and rocks easily, real dramas were the vehicles passing on the inside on the curves on the roadworks.

    Majority of the works are between Pai and the 107, only the occasional patch on the Mae Hong Son side.

    Enjoy it.....we did
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    Just got back from Pai yesterday.  1095 from Pai to 107 is about 2/3's done.  Was on a CBR 300 R & had a great time.  Only a few sections were bad where I had to slow to 20 kph.  If you are on a dual sport, no problem.  I would guess it will be done by the end of the year, then it will be a really great ride.

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