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    Hi to all. I have just completed a 3000km trip from Pattaya to a few places in Isaan and then on to Chiang rai, golden triangle , Mae hong son loop to Chiang Mai , stopping off at beautiful Khao Kao on the way back home.
    I first did a similar route over a year on the road around Thailand and Laos .

    I have to say that the roads have been vastly improved and now make for much faster riding , but at the same time its taken a lot of the romance and olde worlde feeling the north had , and pot holes and bad road surfaces certainly kept you alert .
    The modernisation of Thailand is rapid for sure .
    My new Vstrom 650 was superb and more than enough bike for Thailand .
    Light and nimble and very frugal ,goes a long way on a tank so you are not constantly watching the gauge and worrying about fuel. .
    Accomodation allround was easy to find and of good standard and averaged out at 500/ 700 baht a night .
    Thai people were as always helpful and friendly and made us welcome .
    Looking forward to next trip soon

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  2. Awesome! I'd be doing the Mae Hong Son route real in next 2 weeks or so. Will be riding up from Singapore. Did you follow any suggested itinerary? I'm in the midst of planning the route and the information I find on the internet is overwhelming! Looking forward to the trip soon!
  3. Hola. Best thing to do is get to Chiang Mai and ask for Mr Mechanic shop next door to Kafe on moat road and buy the GT riders maps ,full of useful information and great accurate maps for Northern Thailand and Laos . Mae Hong Son superb . Enjoy
  4. Cool! I was just about wondering where to obtain the maps, as I was afraid that if I ordered from this website, the maps may not arrive in time for my trip. Thanks for the tip! =)
  5. Have a great trip . Lots of help and advice from GT riders . They helped me a lot when i first started riding Thailand 5 years ago .enjoy
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  6. Great to see you on your way through the north Gary. A great ride for sure, at about the best time of year.
    Any photos.......? Easy to post photies direct into the forum now.
  7. Nice trip, you certainly clocked up some kms fast running your bike in.

    Now if you have any photos would be col to see your highlights.
  8. Hola , was a great trip . I have photos but dont know how to put them on here ?
  9. Gary
    Please try this one
    Images - Resizing & Adding to Topics
    see if that explanation works for you.
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    20160519_152738. Hola. Sorry guys . If its like facebook or line click and send i am ok .
    Tried but cant do it .
  11. Yes you can if you make an effort. This is better than facebook, it allows you to create pictorial story.
    Either upload photos directly or link them to www.photobucket.com file depository which is easy to use and free.
  13. I have made an effort. But i dont know what a photobucket is, nor a file depository. I am not very good with computers .i just enjoy riding motorbikes..If its go to camera symbol and pick a picture and post or send it , thats fine . Beyond that i am lost .
  14. Gary, Photobucket is just a website to keep your photos on, to save space on your pc or mobile. It's like "the cloud".
    This was needed when posting into the old forum.
    But with this new forum, you can just post your photos direct into the forum.
    When you create a new post, there is a button down at the bottom that says "Upload a file". Click that, and then choose the photos from your mobile or pc.
  15. Hola . Was great to see you too.Thanks for info re pics Ian . I think i understand it now . I uploaded 1 picture whoop whoop . I will sort some more from trip .

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