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  1. 3 friends from Italy ask me for a tour operator in North Thailand with Royal Enfield Bikes. I know for some years there was a guy who had done it. Somebody know the adress - email etc. ???????? I dont want drive a bike like this - no never..... :take-that:
  2. Just took a ride, 3 guys, 3 Enfields, 1500 klms across Laos.
    Superb machines ideally suited for roads there; sizeable potholes, dirt
    roads, cows, chickens, pigs, wild truckers etc.

    Zero problems.

    The Enfields just take it all in their stride and have style doing it.
    Low down grunt, great sound and safe, cause people hear you thumping along.

    Just one puncture from a 1" nail, while on a 100 klm unpaved road.
    Wheel out (QD wheels are great), new tube in, fixed on the side of the
    road in 10 minutes and riding again.

    Anyone who cant appreciate how great these bikes are, obviously hasn't
    ridden them any distance.

    Preferable in those conditions to any skittery high C of G trail bike or revvy plastic
    crotch rocket or even a Triumph twin.
    I'd buy one tomorrow if they were on sale here. Great machines.
    There is a very good reason why they have been making them basically
    the same for 50 odd years.

    PS. By the way.... it's ROYAL.
  3. But they are still Indian

    [youtube:30ww51nd] /youtube:30ww51nd]
  4. Royal Enfield were my introduction to motorcycling in Thailand in November 2004. Quite adequate for here & very tough. Didn't like the right hand gear change set up but the new ones are now left handed like everyone else. They are pretty robust beasts to say the least.Also fuel consumption is pretty good - going on for 90 mpg.. Rumour had it some while ago that BritBike Bkk were going to sell them but I've heard nothing since. Perhaps the high import tax made the idea unviable.

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