Roi Et Bike Week Oct. 29 th 2011

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    Rio Et Oct. 29th 2011

    Ok they had to move the location as the field is wet.

    It's now across the street from Macro.

    Two Hotels:

    Mai Thai
    043-514-044 Breakfast included

    Saget Notcom
    Double room 400 Baht
    Single 350 Baht
    No breakfast
    You have to tell then it;s for Rio Et Bike week

    Nong Khia cancelled
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  3. Ricohoc

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    Thanks for the updates, Ray!
  4. Ricohoc

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    Anyone from UTH going to Roi Et? Is it still on?
  5. Rustic Charm

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    'is it still on?' is a good question.
    And anyone know if the route from bkk via chachoengsao is dry?
  6. ray23

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    Update road conditions

    Hi Ray,
    FYI I rode the bike to Roiet yesterday from Mahasarakham. I didn't ride into the bike week site, but I rode past it, and everything looks dry. I rode around the lake area and the "downtown" area,of Roit and there wasn't any water anywhere to be seen. You could probably find some flooding in Roiet province (somewhere) but you won't find any in the town. I'm a frequent visitor to Roiet, and it all looks normal to me. I used the highway that runs between Roiet and Mahasarakham. It's an excellent four land highway and it's dry, with some flooding noticed in a few fields bordering the highway. I didn't take the highway you riders will take from Udorn, so I don't know what to tell you about that, but my hunch is its ok. Also, both highways from Kohn Kaen to Sarakham are completely clear, and again, I believe the highway from Yang Talad and from Chaing Yuen to Roiet are quite ok as well. I'd be happy to ride over to Roiet with you, It's a little out of your way, but the ride is nice. Hopes this helps.
  7. Rustic Charm

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    Can you recommend a decent hotel with good parking in town?
  8. Ricohoc

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