Roughing it in Laos ?'s


Apr 13, 2007
Me and a friend have visited Lao before and rented bike from PVO Vientanne to ride as far as Luang Namtha via 13 and back through Phonsavan and PakXan via a dirt road. We loved the dirt section so much that we plan to return March 21st- April 14th for some further exploring. I should say that we are both experienced riders and will most likely be riding two up with some small Thai girls. With that said we are looking for a rugged trip, but not to kill ourselves. We have considered the possibility of spending a few nights camping and will be prepared with food, water, shelter, lights and the means to start a fire. Do you have any suggestions regarding bike rental, route and hotels along the way. Our first idea was to parallel the Mekong from the southern Thai border (Phalat) north up the west side and down the east using the smaller red roads on the gt rider map. Problem is many of these roads seem to dead end. Is there a way through that is not on the map? ( I have the third edition) also, what can we expect to find for accommodations? any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.