Round the world on an R80G/S - looking for a place to work on the bike in Chiang Mai

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm traveling around the world and am in Chiang Mai at the moment. I am looking for a garage/shop space where I can do a few minor maintenance items to the bike (change gear box oil, drive line oil etc.). I also need to replace the final drive O ring (it’s a BMW R80G/S). I have a new seal and need a flat seal puller (edit: I bought one and will leave it behind for whoever can use it). I am more than happy to pay (beer?) for shop time. I’d probably want to borrow a hammer and a few nails (to indent the oil seal) and sundry items like an oil pan and funnel. I have all the tools I need, I think.

    I do all my own work on my bike so I am hesitant to ask a local shop for space as inevitably they’ll want to jump in and help out.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could go to find some space?

    The other thing I would like to find is a high-pressure self-serve car wash (edit: found one across from Suandok Hospital but they didn't want to wash my bike... ), if that exists here … It’s been since Arizona (I am from Canada) since the bike’s had a wash …:shifty:

    Thanks for any info.

    Is there a monthly get-together per chance?

    Kevin 0901032991
  2. Hi Kevin,
    To answer you last question first, next Friday is the monthly dinner, from 7pm on 28th at Franco Thai restaurant, which is in a small soi behind Icon Square, the computer centre on the North side of the moat.
    Secondly I have covered space behind my house with tools where I maintain my bikes and you are welcome to use that. Luckily for you I do not drink beer, so one bottle of water will do the job. I am about 5km from the town centre just outside the second ring, the 3029 and well inside the outer ring or 121.
    If interested to come and have a look ring me on 0818825122.
  3. John,
    Thanks so much for the reply and the offer of help. I'll come hang out with you guys next Friday. As to the bike, I'm going to visit a gentleman named Marc, about 20 kms out of town, who seems to have a full shop, lift and tools and also rode a BMW R80G/S at some point. I hope to get everyhting squared away tomorrow.

    See you next Friday.

  4. Glad you got sorted, I hope the work all goes smoothly.
    Will look forward to seeing you next Friday
    Cheers, John
  5. hope everthing fine if u drop by malaysia just sms me +60122568742 or email me [email protected] c u malindi

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