Round-the-World rider needs assistance at Kuala Lumper International Airport

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  1. Round-the-World rider Juri has two Honda XR650R at Kuala Lumper International Airport Cargo Terminal. Bikes were shipped from Iran and arrived in beat up state. One bike will not start. Yuri has tools and spares but needs a place to work.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Local Malaysian number is 017-635 2155

  2. Day 3
    Bike still dead, Yuri running out of ideas, me running out of patience, one more night and I think i must pull the plug and get the hell out of here.. :/
  3. Finally the bike is running!! Respect to Juri for sorting out his mates bike under very challenging conditions!

    I do not think there are many international airports where you can tear apart a motorcycle on the sidewalk directly in front of the terminal! (Shame I can't post pics from my tablet).

    Biggest problem was the carb, broken choke and bent needle. Beyond that the bike has electric issues (some seriously ghetto wiring mods), surging despite rebuilt carb, and the heaviest clutch I have ever had to wrestle with... But at least the bike is running, it pulls hard despite being geared way up for road.

    Will it make it to Bangkok??? Fingers crossed!!! :happy2:

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