Route 12 Phitsanulok to Lomsak, road works?

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  1. Hi All,

    Plan to take route 12 from Phitsanulok to Lomsak tomorrow but have heard stories about ongoing road works on road nr 12, has anybody been there recently? What is the situation? I am riding a Street Triple with a low hanging belly pan which I don't want to scrape down to the bare fiber again...

    Pleased to hear.


  2. They are Widening 12 and last time I went through a few months back they had Ripped up both sides of the Road for around 100 kms!!! I doubt You will have any trouble with Ground Clearance just Dust and Inconvenience as Traffic is held up and You can't overtake unless You Jump off the side which isn't possible unless You are on a Dirt Bike! Good Luck and let us know how You get on?
  3. If possible I would choose another route as due to the road work riding this part of route 12 is not not comfortable (and at some points even creates dangerous situations). I did just come from the north and did ride via Nakhon Thai and over Phu Rong Khla (although at Nakhon Thai you could enter route 12 again what at least save you riding half of road-construction on route 12).
  4. ^ Yep, Highway 12 between Pitsanulok and Lomsak is to be avoided right now.

    However the bit through Nam Nao National Park is, last I was there, untouched and still fantastic.

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