route 1293 Mae Chaem to Khun Yuam

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  1. The Northern Thailand map shows a small stretch of this route in purple, indicating that it is not asphalt. Is that still the case and if so is it ok on the TDM 2 up?
    Helen and Dave

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  2. Helen & Dave
    It's asphalt already, so no trouble for you.
    Just heard today in MHS that part of the Doi Inthanon - Mae Chaem road R1192? is "missing" but dont know anymore than the "rumour."

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  3. It was fine when I rode it two weeks ago

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  4. That's good news about the 1293 but not about the other road. I have put a message on to see if I can find out more from anyone who has ridden it in the last few days.
    Thanks guys

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  5. Helen
    I rode from Mae Hong Son to Khun Yuam on the 108 then did a left onto what I assume was the 1293 ( I am sitting in an internet cafe without any maps to check for sure that it was the 1293) and rode it all the way to Mae Chaem then over Doi Inthanon and back to chiang Mai. The whole journey was done on tarmac and the roads were in good condition, this took place two weeks ago and I cant think of any reason for the road to have collapsed since then as the wet season has finished

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  6. thanks for that Colin - you know what rumours are like. Will let you know how it goes.

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  7. 1263 UPDATE 17 DECEMBER

    MAE CHAEM – MAE NA CHON all asphalt.
    Beautiful ride, hilly undulating twisting asphalt.




    "95%" all good asphalt. The only bad bits were a couple of small sandy / gravel / blue metal patches. These would only be a worry if you were cranked right over or cresting a hill full throttle & were committed to your line. But for most people you'd just be cruising & smelling the roses as you go.

    I'd rate this ride as the best way to go to / from Mae Hong Son.
    You can't claim to know the MHS loop until you've done 108 - 1009 -1192 - 1263 - 108 = Cnx - Doi Inthanon - Mae Chaem - Khun Yuam - MHS in the same day!!


    R1263 from Mae Na Chon to Khun Yuam & R108, the road really flows, lots of 3rd gear roll ons, tight, steep, twisting, sweeping, rolling, swooping, & NO traffic! What else could you ask for?

    Above: check out the white arrow marks painted on the road heading up hill. I was just beggining to enjoy myself when I came across these, full throttle heading up a nice big long sweeping uphill bend. Anyway, they caught my attention, & as I got closer to the corner the white paint marks really did snap me to attention.



    A shiver ran down my spine & I felt sorry for whoever had gone over the edge. For the next 4-5 kms my speed was considerably slower than it was before the white arrows I can tell you.

    1. A couple of nasty dips in the road, a east of Pang Kia. Both going downhill heading East, & if you hit these hard & fast you’ll be airborne.
    2. West of Pang Ung 1 section of “missing road” but no problem.

    Above: a new bridge replacing one that was washed away 2 wet seasons ago.

    R1263 soars up into the mounains after the new bridge.
    Check out the cut thru the top of the mountain.

    Above R1263 descending towards Pang Kia

    Above: R1263 Excellent forest cover & scenery

    Above: R1263 is a swooping flowing asphalt road.




    3 Pics above: Enjoy R1263 while it's still there.

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  8. That's great David - thanks for the very full and illustrated response.

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  9. Yes I thought you might appreciate that.
    How come I missed you on the road from Mae Sarieng - Chiang Mai on Sunday?
    (I'm also missing your trip report(s) for Cnx - Laos - Cnx = no more tips until something comes back in or you buy (quite) a few drinks.)

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  10. We changed our plans last minute and will now go later as Dave has gone off to Nan while I catch up with some studying in CM until xmas. About the trip reports - to be fair we have made several contributions to the board over the past few weeks re dodgy roads, bike problems at Laos border etc. You asked me then if there was anything else new up North in Laos and I said there wasn't. If there had been something worth reporting we would have reported it. The route we took is pretty well trodden and if I just regurgitate old stuff or report on every pothole along the way it will be boring and not very useful to people. When we go to Southern Laos next week you will get a full report as this route is less well trodden. Hope you take my point. We always appreciate the advice given and consider it to be 2 way traffic.

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  11. Helen
    Good reply & good valid points.
    I just need to keep the whip out as much as possible, at least that's my excuse, & hope there's no offence taken.
    I envy you heading to S Laos too. I plan to spend time there 2nd half of January, all being well.

    Keep The Power On
  12. David
    No offence taken at all. You should be a teacher cracking the whip to get the homework in. Anyway, found a half finished report of Nan/GT loop and finished it today to best of my ability without map which is with Dave - just to show good faith. Am posting it now. By the way, I keep offering to buy you drinks and you keep turning me down!!

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  13. Helen (& Dave)
    Drinks will be accepted Xmas day (after the Chai Prakarn loop) or on the 27th my birthday....

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  14. rode this section not a week ago. the rode was fine the whole way. DO NOT BUY GAS in Pang Kia. i got water in mine and it took awhile for the guys there to get me going again.
    Don VanGilder

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