route from 1035 to ngao???

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  1. on one of my maps i have a road that is indicated to go from a village called thung hang just east off the 1035 about two thirds of the way up, it then runs all the way into ngao township. however i have only ever seen this road on 1 map, was wondering if any of you knew of this road and/or its condition.. cheers luke.
  2. Talk to David "Dirty" as he has done that trip - Ngao on Rd 1 to Rd 1035 - in December last year.
  3. Auke is right - I was there last December. But seeing as I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast this morning, what the trail was like isn't that fresh in my memory.

    What I do remember is finding the damn thing and staying on coarse was challenging. I dont know if we have the same map - the one I was going off of was a "Insight FlexiMap". The first half was rocky and loose but the last part hardened up and even had some good berms built up for nice cornering.

    I dont have my GPS data in GPX format. I tried converting my google earth file to GPX, but its not working. If you want to KML files - email me - ( [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] )

    I'm looking to head to the Phayao area then onto Wawi in about a week. I could do Ngao then shoot up the 1.

    Let me know.

  4. Dirty,

    Hmmmm well Luke and I were thinking of using that route to join up with some other roads with our Super Motard set up on the dirt bike. Are you saying it may be a bit much for a dirt bike inb motard set-up with street tires?

    yes if you could email me the KML file I'll see if it is the road we are looking at that can be seen on google earth.

  5. Yeah - like I said my memory isnt the greatest. I only have a few brain cells left and sometimes they argue over the facts.

    I do think the trail started of real rocky and loose - then smoothing out. It was last year so that part could very well be paved now / or cleaned up. Maybe constant riding has smoothed a line out and pushed the rocks aside? If not I dont think it would be fun /proably jack your bike up a bit.

    I figured out the GPX - I dont see how I can attached a file through GTs email app. Email me ( [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] ) and I'll send you both the GPX and Google files.

  6. Ok well I cleaned up the waypoints and cut out the rest of the 4 day trip to simplify so you guys know what your looking at.

    Here it is -> if it asks for a password to download - its "dirty"

    If the link dosnt work (think it expires in 30 days) then email me at the above address and I'll send it to you.

  7. Thanks for the efforts. Emailed some tracks your way.

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