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  1. Hi,

    We are a few riders working together at Sepon Gold and Copper in Savannakhet. Next week we're planning a short ride down south. Pakse - Attapue - Salawan - Sekong.

    Has anyone driven on Route 18 between Thang Beng and Attapue lately. What is the state of the road?

    Next question - has anyone been on the road between Salavan - Muang Nong - Ban Dong (exiting on route 9). Any difficulties?

    I am on a Honda Africa Twin with road tires. The other guys are on 250's with off road tires so either I find a new set of tires quickly or pursuade the guys to take an easier route.

  2. Seterik....does that normally go with " mushi" :lol:
  3. Thanks for the tip - exactly the info we were looking for. I am not sure I'll attempt it even with knobbies on - but it depends on the weather I guess.

    ...mushi...??? Sorry - that one zipped by just over my head.
  4. Hi Seterik,

    Rt 18: The road/dirt track sand and bull dust is OK, it's the river crossings that can bring you some grief. We went through here 2 months ago on a BMW 650 riding 2Up and the water was Balls deep in a couple of places. Now that it's been raining some, I'd think the water to be deeper yet...

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
  5. Why not contribute a brief trip report + photos to share all the info with us.....
  6. I would agree with that.
    Even in late Jan 2009 some of the creek crossings on Rt 18 were deep enough to have the exhaust outlet on my DRZ burbling underwater as I exited up the embankments.

    If I did it again I would time it for late Feb, ie end of dry season but before the first rains.
  7. That sort of does it for me - I'll do the light version of the trip and let the Young One's deal with the hard part.

    My job will be to find accomodation and make sure the beer is chilled.

    One the way to work from Vte to Sepon a couple of week ago a collegue and I managed to take a wrong turn southeast of Xaybuathong, south of Mahaxai and we ended up with no road going across muddy ricefields then had to ford Xe Noi to get onto Route 10 about 50 km north of Vilabouly. A lot of work. Have some pictures but don't not sure how to post them.
  8. Hi Set,

    Looks like youre planning a similar trip to myself. Unfortunately im not on field break until the 18th of the month otherwise would have been good to catch up and put a face to the name.

    Cam (PBM)
  9. Seterik,

    Have a look at ... t1167.html for some help in showing pictures in messages. Most important to remember is that pictures can not uploaded to the GT Board so you will need to upload the pictures to sites like Photobucket or other similar photo sharing sites.

  10. I was speaking to a young English couple who said they rode RT18 two up on a musket about one month ago.

    UPDATE 29/5/09....Im starting to think that young english couple were getting there roads mixed up. Either that, or it's a lot differant in the dry to what it is now.
  11. We have now successfully been there and come back. On the day the 3
    young guns in the group got a late start from Attapue towards Phou Asa
    on Route 18a. They crossed the 1st river without problems. By now there
    was a serious rainstorm going and the road turned to "ice". Two of the
    guys crossed the 2nd river but the 3rd managed to drop his bike twice.
    The second time it almost floated away. On land they could not get is
    started again and started to tow it. Tow rope made out of a belt and a
    bike lock . The 3rd guy went ahead and found a village and called on the
    rescue service. A mechanical buffalo was dispatched and that's how they
    road into the village where they spent the night.

    The next day they managed to get the bikes started again but got lost
    and instead of continuing on 18a they found a track going back up to the
    plateau where they exited at the y-intersection at Pakchong. It was very
    steep and extremely slippery - 1st gear - straddling the bikes and
    pushing with the feet. Still each of them dropped their bikes several

    I am glad I did not go - me and the other old boy in the group went back
    to Pakse on the main road.
  12. Thanks for that update Seterik. Did you happen to give the Salavan-Ban Nong track a shot?
  13. Seterik
    Thanks for the update.
    Glad I didn't lead you astray with my cautionary advice.
    Late Feb is the go for that track, and its a very worthwhile ride if you can get time off then.
  14. Once I get back to Vte I'll look into posting a few pictures. There are some good ones.
  15. hi seterik,
    looking forward to see your pictures!!got some feedback from shayne!
    how s the AT is doing?

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