Royal Enfield Classic 500 With Side Car Delivery

Discussion in 'Royal Enfield Motorcycles in Thailand' started by Azoulay, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Hi Friends,

    Last Tuesday, it was a great day, after nearly 3 month delay, Royal Enfield Thonglor, finally delivered me the RE Sidecar Classic 500 Black Chrome I ordered last December.

    A bit of emotion when I saw the bike in the showroom, but a lot of disapointments when after a street test ride, I found the bike was un-ridable due to a wrong adjustment between the side and the bike.

    But I forgot I was in Thailand and that everything get right at the end. RE Thonglor called the side mechanic specialists and within 2 hours, everything was solved.

    Now, this is the first hundred km I ride the bike, what I could say ???

    It's physical, I have to return to the gym ! Everything in the arms....

    Physical !

    The engine runs very good and the torque is fantastic. I already loose some knobs as not sufficiently tighten, there is a leak at the exhaust pipe/cylinder junction...Minors but could be better.

    Overall I am satisfy, more report to come in the following weeks.

    Keep the Power On
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  2. Congrats! Any pics?
  3. Hi Goran, Hi Friends,

    Yes I have a lot of pictures, but I should say, I don't know how to upload it. Last time I tried to upload the user manual and the workshop manual but this was refused due to the size. I gave up then not being a computer freak.

    Keep the Power On.
  4. I saw the Side Car Unit at the Motor Show and I was More than Impressed! Looked Top Stuff had Good Suspension and Brakes on the Side Car Unit but Your Delivery information was a bit of a Worry? I will wait and see how You report after some time using it! Good Luck!
  5. I bet it cannot pull the skin of rice pudding

    Is it a legal green book?
  6. They were Selling them at the Motorshow. Bike plus Unit for around 250.000 Baht! Maybe You missed it when We were there? I sat in it. Very Comfortable!
  7. photo's please.
  8. A few of these wonderful solo Bullets visited the hotel yesterday. Some of the riders will be recognisable and good to see them riding proper machines, that have a working kickstart.....! Haha... Good to see you all Guys, thanks for dropping in..
    2017-04-20 13.08.10.
    2017-04-20 13.05.38.
    2017-04-20 13.08.15.
    2017-04-20 13.30.22. 2017-04-20 13.30.43.
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  9. Hi Iann,

    Yes it is exactly the bike with a sidecar. The one I chose is chromed.

    Keep the Power On !

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