RS Taichi Armed High Protection Mesh Jacket, excellent condition.

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  1. Hardly used Red RS Taichi Mesh jacket with full body armor for sale. Had about 20hrs use so, apart from being very slightly dirty, it is in excellent condition. Size is Japan 4XL so similar to a US/Europe XXL, I'm 6'3 and 95kgs and it is a tad too big.

    Lots of airflow and great protection as it has elbow, shoulder, back and chest protection.

    I'll post some pics later but here's a link so you can see what it is like

    Asking 4,500baht which includes delivery within Thailand.

    Please PM if interested.
  2. Stu
    I'm interested, but exactly what colour is it. There are four colour styles available.
  3. Hi Guys, yes it is the Red one, here are a couple of pics.


  4. Very good airflow, even the chest protectors have holes!
  5. Is this still up for grabs? I would like to buy if it still available.
  6. Not heard back from David yet but I know he is often out riding so will wait another 48hrs, after that it is up for grabs again so whoever confirms they want it with a deposit or full payment. Next month I'll be selling my perforated leather Joe Rocket jacket too so if any of you guys are interested let me know, it is also red, size 46 and in very good condition
  7. Sorry Marcel, forgot you had 2nd option, I sent a PM to David so will let you know what he says.
  8. Very true, I'll get in line. Third in the queue. :)
  9. Stu has my PM. Up to him...
  10. *************sold****************

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