Running on Fumes

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  1. I've been caught short a couple of times recently and ended up running on fumes to the nearest petrol station so I'm looking for a one litre can to stick in my saddle bags. I tried a use motor oil container but could not get a good seal [they use foil seals on the originals]. If anyone knows where I can source a suitable container I'd be obliged.
  2. You can buy one liter fuel canisters at most camping shops. Usually look something like this:

    Or if you want something bigger they sell nice little 3.9 liter plastic jerry cans at HomePro for pretty cheap-
  3. Thanks Tony, the small ones should do nicely.
  4. I carry those small ones like the primus on the KLX. I have a 1L MSR bottle and a 1L Trangia one.
    that's the way to go if you find stopping for fuel a chore :p
  5. I chased around the Chiang Mai camping departments in all the main stores including Sports World but could not find any. I finally located some at the Archery shop in the Star Dome complex and scored a 1.5L Primus bottle - they also have 0.5L and 1.0L bottles in stock if anyone else is looking.
  6. Good to know your now kitted out for extra fuel.
    Now I'm curious though why you run so low on fuel, when there's so many petrol stations around & the probability that you should have 50 kms? on reserve with your bike.
    I know we make mistakes & do forget to pay attention & run out of fuel, Ive stupidly done it, but I've never thought that there is any need to carry extra fuel around - Thailand or Laos.
  7. I've never really trusted fuel gauges completely since having my 'Busa cut out in traffic when still showing almost 1/4 full [I was overtaking at the time...]. Apart from that, I'm still a bit of a newbie explorer around here so not always sure where to get the next fill and the Z is a greedy bugger when two up.
  8. Very Scary Thread indeed. 8 extra fuel Bottles :shock:

    I do like to Carry an extra couple of Litres myself on the KLX, just gives me peace of mind.
    I find the fuel range on the KLX a pain in the ****. Don't have to stop on the way home for fuel. It works for me.
    I've ran out once and come close too many times , I guess I just don't like to stop for fuel :-?

    I'm just as likely to offer that extra extra fuel to a stranded Scooter rider who's also too lazy to stop for fuel
  9. Nice find, I'll be after a 1.5 litre myself. Where's the Star Dome complex?
  10. Hi Martin, the Star Dome Golf Driving Range is near the airport. Coming from there head North on Madihol Road back to town towards the moat past the Toyota dealer. About one km further on the left [before the AIA building] you will see a large arch with Star Dome on it. Head inside and keep left and you will end up at the archery centre - the camping store is there on the left opposite the coffee shop. Cheers John
  11. ^ Many thanks John, I'll have a look tomorrow. Cheers.

    Holy crap..... just did a search for Star Dome Golf and this is what I found....... I'll definitely be going for a look tomorrow hahaha!
  12. ^ Bloody hell! Makes me want to dust off the old golf clubs!!! :mrgreen:
  13. Just nipped down to Star Dome Golf this morning for a letch at all the cute caddies...... oh and while I was there I picked up a Primus 1.5 litre metal fuel bottle!
    Not cheap at 700 baht but a damn sight better than worrying about a plassie bottle splitting...... or exploding!
    Good call John.
  14. Good to know that you enjoyed the view Martin :) and same price for the bottle too.
  15. Definately getting them myself found the Klx actually got 120 kms.when slightly abused.
    And about 180 run easy.
    Cannot get used to not having a fuel guage..
    Newby in los sorry guys

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