rust remover for tank?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by michaels, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Anybody have experience with rust-remover products available here in
    thailand (chiang mai), and can recommend something?

    The tank on the old vfr400 appears to have come into a bad state
    in the last two months, and keeps clogging the carburetors. :-(
  2. Chuck a bunch of bolts in there, give it a right good shake about and then blow it out with an airline - job done! ;)


  3. Buy a small in-line gas filter. Place just before carb. Cost 20bht.
  4. Good idea, and Nat and the good mechanics at the Piston shop also
    had that idea. Unfortunatly, after trying three different gasfilters
    (from the super four I think), failed to find one that allowed enough
    fuel to pass. Apperently worked fine in the low-range, but middle
    and higher, not enough fuel-flow. :-(
  5. The "tried and tested" caveman approach? ;-) Was hoping there
    was something slightly more modern available, even if it only involved
    adding a big tumbler to put the tank, with the bolts, in. :-/

    Fear there's too much rust in it for me to sucessfully manually remove it,
    so need some shop or chemical diy solution.
  6. "Caveman approach" it may be but it will get rid of all the big bits (which break up into small bits and clog things up). There used to be a product available in the west called "Petseal" which was like a paint that coated the inside of the tank but I don't know if it's available here. Either way, try the bolt trick, clean out the petcock meshes and install a fuel filter - that combo should do the job. BTW, it goes without saying, drain the tank first..... :wink:

    Cheers & good luck,

  7. I also heard of people using those little round lead weights that fishermen use. Then again it might be an old wives tale or at least an old fishermans tale.
  8. The issue is your rust has gotten its foot in the door of your tank. The methods recommended (fishing wieghts and bolts) will (semi)work but only in the short term. The rust will continue to decay inside your tank causing your situation to reappear.

    A collection of small nuts vigourously shaken about in the tank shall dislodge a percentage of your problems, however it will not remove all of the rust. Hence the recommendation of installing a high flow fuel filter. Can I also recommend you stocking up on the fuel filters as they shall need to be changed often as newly loosened rust will accumulate in the filter.

    Since the VFR is a prolific bike over here I would also look into simply replacing the tank with a second hand one that is not in such a pitfull state.

    Best of luck.
  9. I have heard from forums related to my bike the same about small ball bearings in the tank rotated slowly (attached to the rear tire of a raised car in gear!!! or something similiar) will remove most of the rust. Rinse and Rinse and Rinse with petrol to remove all residual rust you can.

    That said, the rust that remains is still not neutralized. For that, it was recommended to flush the tank with-----Coca Cola. That's right! I'm not a chemist, but apparently it nuetralized any remaining rust. OH, flush again with petrol to get all the Cola out.

  10. POR 15 is available in Bangkok.
  11. Great to know POR15 is available in LOS. Can you advise as to where and at what cost?


    I emailed them a few weeks ago but they haven't replied, if anyone knows where they sell their products please post it here.
  13. Excellent article. Thanks for the post. I've bookmarked it for future reference.

  14. I used Petseal in an old tank about 8 years ago. Looking inside now, it appears to be lifting off. Still I guess 8 years aint too bad.


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