S4 heaven

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  1. S4 heaven
    Yeah I am actually happy with the S4 ,its got 700,000+ invested in it now including all the special servicing tools and shim kit.so its a keeper anyway ,even at Thai prices i would never get a good deal ,new monsters start at 700,000 for the basic 696. which is double UK price
    After earning how to sort out every technical problem the engine purrs , the gearbox is slick and the chassis now handles well , fitted an Ohlins Prc46 rear shock yesterday which has made it plush. Its not as easy to ride well like the 750ss which runs on rails or my little M750 which turns on a sixpence but with the correct technique its awesome it likes me to hang off which the other two bikes dont need.also likes to turn much later with more input (counter steer)on the bars .
    The power commander with custom map is great ,matched with the cut up drilled K&n airbox ,megacycle rockers ,cams and Termis with more packing removed. next job is Hyperpro fork springs to make the front end more compliant to match the Ohlins rear as recommended by Protwins.

    Only complaint is the cracks in the clocks lenses !!! unrepairable and the lousy headlight even with xenon superwhite bulb its feeble which is weird as the M750 has same setup and is really good?

    I am now 4v Ducati expert as well as the older 2v bikes and can dismantle the bike down to the 2 hours and do a valve shim job in 3 hours .I set the valve very tight tolerances almost race bike and it does payoff in running sweetly at low revs. Clutch is noisy it needs a new basket but as it works well what the heck. when it starts to slip I will shell out for a new all alloy one.

    The moral of this story is dont give up ,get as much info as you can and remember if it was built by Italians or any other humans it can be fixed by YOU or ME!

  2. Yeah i m still alive , My mum died but she was 83 , i got over the big property ripoffs , got great revenge,one guy is dead the other is in Thai jail with his wife both are dying of cancer and no medication good aint it , but lost the money 2m baht cant win em all !....works been good ,family is good,bikes are great.

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