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  1. Hi Guys,

    Planning a weekend trip through Sa Kaeo National Park with Frank on the dirt bikes.
    (We stuck our noses on here around a year ago, but were on the road bikes..)

    Just wondering if any one has done this trail before and any feedback.

    If you have done it before, would it be too much in the rainy season?

    Below Google Earth pic with a trace over the trail.


  2. There is no "Sa Kaeo National Park". I think you are perhaps referring to Thap Lan National Park? Thap Lan is the second largest National Park in Thailand yet gets relatively few visitors.

    I was keen to try and ride through the park because on some old maps it shows a road going all the way through.

    However when I got there and asked the park rangers they advised me that the road was never completed and that there are some deep gorges that are unbridged and are pretty much impossible to cross with any type of vehicle.

    That said, I'd be game to try! I think if you want to stand any chance of getting through you probably ought to wait until the dry season.

    I'd be very interested to join you on this so please do keep me posted!
  3. Thank you both for the quick response.

    Sorry for the name confusion.. Google didn't list the name and info I had was used.

    Just had a look on Flash earth with Bing Maps and Yahoo Maps. This is clearer.

    Pangsida National Park in the south, there is a boundary that runs through the middle. In the North is Thap Lan National Park.

    You can get through all the way as per the trace in the image posted.
    The imagery in Flash Earth using Yahoo and Bing Maps is 2009.. Some of the images in Google were 2003 when you zoomed in.

    The Bing Map shows a much clearer trail as it looks like the satellite imagery was taken in the dry season.

    Based on the info Captain Slash has provided and the photo's posted on Google Earth by others.. Believe this is the trail Captain Slash attempted.

    Doubt there will be much traffic going through now and expect even more debris on the trail than when Colin went through.
    Also doubtful if the rangers would let us pass at this time of year.

    Looks like one for the dry season and the machete!

  4. Brian,

    Just search for 3462 on the GT Forum and you might have an answer on your question.

  5. Captain Slash and Tony's repsonses.. pretty much summed it up..
    We will go and stick our heads in and see how far we can get and then have a general look around.

    Also this from another post.. sounds like it would be a great hike...
    " I know these two parks very well, the road was completed as a converted logging track about 20+ years ago and you could drive through BUT it was closed about 10 years ago and allowed to re-fallow because of the disturbance to the nature in the area. Turns out it was a very good decision because I personally saw a tiger up there 3 years ago. The high mountain areas between these two parks is a refuge for many endangered species and if there is any chance that the extinct Kouprey still does survive its in this area. I have walked about 70% of the "closed" track and believe you me theres no way you could (or would be allowed to attempt it) on an offroad bike - even walking in sections is a real struggle. It takes 3 days to walk/hack through the closed section in the dry season (longer in the wet season).

    It will never be opened again, nature has reclaimed it - its a bit wierd to be in there though and see a road sign still sticking out of the side of the jungle (and it really is jungle up there), or to catch a glimpse of steel reinforcing from an old concrete culvert at the side of the track. "

  6. I'd be very interested in this too so if there is room for another KLX to tag along do keep us updated!
  7. I tried driving that road from the sakaeo side in a 4x4 a few years back and it was hopeless even then, jungle has completely closed it by now , that park has a lot of wild elephants and some tigers for certain , my stepson did a lot of deep jungle training in there when he was in the army .

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