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  1. I need a new mechanic, and Sa Moto sounds like a good bet. Having ridden on Mahidol road many times I'm surprised I have not seen the shop. I know where the post office, vegetarian society, Nayom Panit, Gallery Panisa, and Toyota dealer are. Where is Sa Moto?
  2. SAMOTO 16 Mahidol Road. Tel: 01 8238361.
    West side of Mahidol.
    Coming from the south (airport) into town it's on the left. In a row of shophouses, set back off the road a little. Ride slowly & you'll see it, the first one in the row at the entrance to a soi.

    Grrh, if you're bike needs a service you must have been doing some riding - have you got any road & trip reports to share?

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  3. Thanks for the directions, I must be going by it too fast...!

    Actually I've been in the US for the last 3 months. I need to get my bike back into shape so I can do some riding!

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