Sakura Cherry Blossom - Baan Khun Chang Khian, Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai


Jun 23, 2011
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A few days ago I took a ride up Suthep mountain to the Hmong village of Baan Khun Chang Khian, to catch the end of the cherry blossom.

Despite Covid-19, there was no shortage of visitors.

There are a few locations within Chiang Mai province (and beyond) where you can view the blossoms, but this village is a particularly pretty place to enjoy them, due to the working traditional Hmong people and the scenic views.

There is no entry fee for visiting the village, but it is a good time to buy some local produce or enjoy a coffee/food in one of the local cafes or eateries.

A short video and still have much to improve on, but hopefully still gives a bit of an impression of the atmosphere this year.

Location here: