----- SALE!!! Kawasaki Versys 2013 - 280,000 THB -----

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    SALE!!! Kawasaki Versys 2013 - 280,000 THB

    Mileages - 25,458 KM
    Condition 80-90% (little crash)
    Year 2013 Color White
    All maintenance Kawasaki service center Rama9

    Wind Shield(High) and Original
    GPS Bracket Adapter Touratech
    GPS street pilot 2720 (incl map: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam)
    Fog lamp Power Socket Cigarette Lighter 12 Volt
    Tank pad sticker
    Radiation guard
    Panniers SW Motech Evo Trax (incl: inner bag, quick Lock Evo Carrier)
    Rear top Lack
    Crash bar SW-Motech
    Side stand foot
    Rise bar High 20 mm. SW Motech
    Michelin Pilot Road 3 Trail Tires (3,000 KM)

    Location: Bangkok, Ladprao
    Contact: Back 081.682.2332 or [email protected]
    note: all pictures able to sent

    Thank you web GT-rider.com
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  3. backbackie

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  4. backbackie

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    Update new price 260,000 THB
    [h=2]icon7.png ----- SALE!!! Kawasaki Versys 2013 - 260,000 THB -----[/h]
  5. backbackie

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    Update new price Kawasaki Versys 2013 - 260,000 THB
  6. Sunsetdream3r

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    Great price but my budget is 200k:( Found one 2011 here in CM hopefully will pick up soon. As soon as I sell my bike
  7. backbackie

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    :D ้hopefully we will see together in CM.
  8. Phrafarang

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    What damage is visible from your 'little crash'?

    Is it available to see in CM?

  9. backbackie

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  10. Phrafarang

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    I will ring you tomorrow after I speak to the wife :)
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  12. backbackie

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    Update last price 240,000 THB only July, thank you
  13. backbackie

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    thank you website GT-Rider

    best regards,

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