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  1. sale 1998 Moto Guzzi model. sport 1100 /fuel injection/ invoice / red colour and nice condition / masesini wheel / all brambo system need sale for 160,000 b. tel 089-9398542 tawee
  2. How many miles on the bike and how about a picture?
  3. pics would help in selling it
  4. A friend of mine has a Moto Guzzi he has been riding with no plates for about 4 maybe 5 years. As far as I can gather motor vehicle dept have never registered a Guzzi in Thailand, don't know what it is and won't do it even after repeated attempts. He just rides without plates.
  5. i don,t know how i can post pic my bike here.your can look for ( condition 85% up for my bike)
  6. I'v also seen a Motor Guzzi for sale on the way to Saraburi at a bike shop.The guy at the shop also says the same thing, cannot register it for love nor money....he also has a 750CC Ducati on offer that I'm hanging my nose over
  7. eddie email the moderator and he will explain how to post a pic , we dont want to see pics of simular bikes we want a pic of yours to actually see the condition.
  8. Eddie,

    Go to open an account (free) upload a picture there and when you have done that click on the photo and copy the link
    and paste it into your message using"Insert image on the GT-Rider tool bar.
  9. Mike these instructions normally confuse people as they get the img word down twice.

    The easier way is to go into Photobucket, under your picture you want to post, copy and paste the IMG CODE line, straight into your message and that will display foto
  10. sorry eddie i meant to say please email me
  11. The Land transport dept can register an MV Agusta and a Victory Vegas which are rare and obscure makes in Thailand so there is no reason why they cannot register a Moto Guzzi, i am sure that with the right agents it can be done but woulfd cost around 80,000 same as most big bikeslike HDs Ducatis etc.

  12. Mike, I've sent you an email on the info you required.
    Cheers, Tony

  13. thank for every body interested easy way post for you e-mail address here . tonight i will send to you all.thank
  15. well eddie i posted my email address and didnt get any details or pics guess your not that bothered to sell
  16. Guys, when you open the link it is a Thai web page. Not far down you will see 2 white boxes with a hyphen in between. Insert the letters and numbers at the end of the link (ca - 535098) and click "OK". This will open the ad page with the pictures.

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