Samoeng --- Mae Chaem. Plenty of dirt to be found.

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  1. Samoeng --- Mae Chaem. Plenty of dirt to be found.

    I was told there were plenty of dirt tracks around Mae Chaem, so decided to go and have look. :idea:

    To get to Mae Chaem, I took the southern part of the Samoeng loop, to Samoeng, then turned left, and took the road that turns
    to dirt two kilometers out of town to Mae Win, a small town on HWY1013.

    A small river a few kilometers south of Samoeng.

    The farmers were flat out harvesting the rice.

    Theres a lot of tracks in this area, and I think saxonator has ridden this area in more detail than most.

    Good day to be riding these tracks, and not far from Chiang Mai either.

    Drink stop at Mae Win. Note my new water proof came with matching shoes. :shock:

    The crumbling HWY 1284, that heads south to Khun Kiang. The white line is the centre of the road.

    Rice field just out of Mae Chaem.

    After a night in Mae Chaem, I rode off to check out the area.

    Many of the tracks were like this, pretty easy going.

    Working away in the hot sun, hard way to make a living.

    I tossed a coin and went left.......good call. 8)

    Good scenery through here.

    Came across this suspension bridge at Sop Long which is about 40 km's south of Mae Chaem.


    Looking down on the river below.

    Little bit like a famous Monet painting. Maybe I need glasses :?:

    After a day in the dirt, it was back on the tar, I headed for a few quiet beers, (and some noisy one's) in Mae Sarieng

  2. Nice one Moto-Rex

    good sceenery and nice dirt road's

    you did pass that suspension bridge with your bike??

    Sometimes i really wonder how much they really can take, weight i mean..

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