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  1. There's a new Moto-X track opened in Samoeng (in the middle of the famous Samoeng loop), just 50 kms from Chiang Mai.
    The first "big event" is this Sunday, the 23rd October, so if your lucking for some fun & action to watch, slip on out to Samoeng late Sunday morning for a great afternoon's entertainment.

    The track is about 500 metres before the Samoeng resort / or 2 kms from Samoeng T Junction.
    Going into town from Chiang Mai,
    1. Hit the main T junction & turn left
    2. Go 40 meters & turn right & head across the Samoeng river.
    3. Follow the road & the track is on the left about 2 kms from T.

    The track has been set up by the local police to give the kids something to do & is a brilliant idea.
    It looks like anyone can go out there & ride on whatever, so if you’re vaguely interested in polishing up your riding skills, check it out.
    Out there this arvo we saw some of the locals on modified Honda Dreams having heaps of fun. It's a while since I’ve seen someone riding on a Moto-X track with shorts & thongs, but he / they were having the time of the lives. Some of the spills were awesome with heaps of laughs all round.

    It's definitely worth a ride to check it out.

    Keep The Power On
  2. MMMM...this sounds like the perfect recipe for wonton mayhem and fun galore[:D]. The lads quaffing a few at the pub and heading out to hit the jumps on our Baja, TTR, or rental Dream proving our manliness and lack of brain cells. Let the games begin[;)].

    Seriously though the track for free in Samoeng sounds like a nice gesture and here's hoping its all a success. Thanks for the update David
  3. Man are we all in trouble now or what. Is he providing cardio training for us blokes to deal with his escapades. Riding motocross bikes all day and grinding against things in Spicy all night does take fitness I tell you. Mark is a guru :D .

    Looking forward to coming back over for more of his insightful tips :shock: .
  4. he's onto us justin. bugger. now where can we find another fresh faced aussie to lure into spicy whilst secretly plotting his downfall and transferral of all skill, knowledge and assets into the hands of the muppets. the search begins.
    p.s happy feet get those 17 in rims for the crf ready, i should be ready for the doi sutthep return soon, hopefully minus the last bit though).
  5. Jeez...we may be running out of tricks to crack the egg of the ole aissie :p . Happy feet your `guard` was the last thing we were hoping you would drop :eek: .However all may not be as rosey as it seems since rumor has it the health professionals at Ram hospital beg to differ with the ole rossi fitness regime. Luke if he keeps on the same path he may soon be caring a bit too much lard for the motor of his steed. Seems married life has caused the aussie to go a bit soft around the middle according to the doctors at Ram. If you remember the kawasaki he was thrashing at the last MX race threw in the towel with the rotund aussie aboard.

    As a public service announcement I will warn all drivers in the CNX locale to wary of two loons on CRF heading to Sutthep. I shall reserve a suitcase for you so that I may bring over bits to fix your crash damaged bikes.
  6. Its on these boys. i exprct a full report from the dynamic duo on their motard foray on a pair of crfs. i only you hope make it past the canal road safely this time when you ride together.....I think a pool should be run whether you two make it even as far as the track without binning it :D .

    In all seriousness, and back to the thread topic, the man with the happy feet (and happy index finger)is indeed blessed with skills outside of diddling women late into the morning in the dark corners of various establishments. A lovely flowing, smooth, and deceptively fast style on a dirt bike. i shall be signing up for some hints, tidbits, and gossip as soon as he frees himself from Spicy and puts together something that can teach us neophytes how to ride a bike properly.

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