San Sai - The Organic Bus (ohkajhu)


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
The Organic Coffee Bus- Ohkajhu restaurant
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what started out as a small coffee shop with a a bus has been fantastically successful


and is now a huge & extremely popular restaurant with indoor aircon & outdoor dining.
There's also downstairs & upstairs sections. The place is huge!

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downstairs were it is always busy

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upstairs is a bit quieter, but the service is nowhere near as good as downstairs

The food servings are massive
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such that there's always a request for a doggy bag to take home.
The drinks include smoothies, fruit & veg juices + coffees & teas.
Loads of big salads, fish, & ribs - all large servings
Prices are roughly 200 baht + a dish, but well worth it.
Highly recommended.

Location on the outer ring road, R121, north side of Chiang Mai , between R1001 & R118.
1.4 kms east of R1001, (by Honda Paradise.)
GPS Waypoint: N18 50.424 E99 01.475

Its the sprawling restaurant with the plane outside
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Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
I have been there twice! Incredibly Quick Service even with all the Customers! It is always Packed! They have another Restaurant near Airport Plaza. Exactly the same! Excellent Quick Good Food! Hardest Part is getting a Parking Spot Ha Ha!