Sangkhkaburi - Pilok Village - Burma Border - Thong Pha Phum

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  1. Lvn Sangkhlaburi 323- 3272 to the border - 3272 Thong Pha Plum

    the 3272 is a must. even with a lot pot holes. the downside is you have to back track all the way to the 323. awesome view and scenery at the border.

    a great day ending with one of my favorites. num took moo

    15078530_10154092394345098_4211732737906702587_n. 15078735_10154092398720098_8841817652491400841_n. 15094457_10154092394340098_3493452743207442874_n. 15094526_10154092400000098_2551711814625518633_n. 15095468_10154092400890098_5459486380009079544_n. 15109488_10154092399065098_3629223023747976625_n. 15134593_10154092401570098_8679894307728149236_n. 15135922_10154092399405098_8220224846903157159_n. 15171201_10154092394335098_5764804694303982859_n. 15179153_10154092401450098_5093141794609597361_n. 15202600_10154092401685098_5922776961993356709_n.
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