Sangkhlaburi Guided Tours

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  1. Sangkhlaburi Guided Tours

    About Jack (Muddy Rider) in his own words:-

    "I was born in the jungle, in Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary with my family we call Jakea village
    It is 98-100km far from Sangkhlaburi and 140km to Umphang. I know that area well cause when I was child
    we have no truck no bike, only do trek and ox card to visit our relative. I have many friend and relative between these two towns also."

    Bike Tour

    - Tailor made trip 3 to 5 days
    - Ride through spectacular trails and amazing scenery
    - Bring your own bike and safety gear
    - Cash is a must. There are no credit card facilities out here
    - No mobile signal for the majority of the time (even in the villages)
    - Camping / sleeping in the great outdoors or remote villages
    - Fuel available along the way (No need to cary spare)
    - Food provided by Jack (If you need extras, suggest you find some space in your bag)
    - Camelbak or spare water (water purifier would be handy to have)




    1,300 Baht per rider / per day (3 riders or more)
    2,000 Baht per rider / per day (2 riders)


    Guide, Basic food - Home stay - Camping - Forestry Department Fee

    What to take:-

    Sleeping bag, hammock, mosquito repellent, water, cash, soap, bike, spare tubes and tools for your bike.



    Trekking Tour

    - Tailor made 1 to 7 days out of Sangkhlaburi.
    - Pick-up in Sangkhlaburi
    - Jungle survival techniques
    - Bamboo cooking
    - Trek for 30 to 45 km stopping for lunch in the jungle
    - Sleep over night in the villages with the local people enjoying the food and culture
    - Trekking from Sangkhlaburi to Umphang will take 6 to 7 days to complete.




    950 baht per day / per person (2 people or more)


    Guide, Basic food - Home stay - Forestry Department fee - Transport back to Sangkhlaburi.

    What to take:-

    Sleeping bag, mosquito repellent, cash for small purchases along the way, water or drink boiled water at the villages.
    (Not too much gear - bare essentials)


    What are you responsible for?

    - Booze, smokes, restaurants, snacks, etc
    - Camping gear / Hammocks / Flash light
    - Spares for your bike.. Oil, Petrol, Tubes, anything bike related.
    - Personal items, mosquito repellent and other items you need to be comfortable
    - Water purification tablets or filter would be useful but not 100% required

    When to come:-

    - October to May.

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    Contact Jack (Muddy Rider) for more detailed and up to date information.

    PM "MuddyRider" on this forum

    Email :- jarunsaksri1(at)




  2. Add Mike's fantastic video for anyone contemplating the ride.
    Should set the expectations just about right :)

  3. Updated ride from the missing link..


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