Sangkhlaburi to Kanchanaburi, the scenic way...

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  1. Spent last Saturday riding from Sangkhlaburi Town to Kanchanaburi Town with Rob and Justin. We were trying for Umphang but got denied at the entrance to Thung Yai Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary doesn't open until December 1st, I guess. Anyway, had a great day riding through the high hills of northern Kanchanaburi Provence, and some good times with Rob and Justin. Looking forward to another attempt thru to Umphang soon.

    Anyway, here is my first attempt at making a riding video. It's a little long, but hope you like. I think it captures the day pretty well...

    Here is the link to youtube where you can see it in HD:

  2. Yep, twas a sad day to be denied entrance. We made it passed the first two checkpoints but the third one had our name. Too much turmoil in Burma it seems to have the farang poking about near the border. We even tried telling the guards I was marrying one of the gals in a village up there but they were having none of it.

    Anyway great time riding with Mike and hope to do this trip properly next time with him. Robert as always was entertaining and provided the trips excitment as he ended up first having his brakes rebuilt in Bangkok on the way up from Pattaya and then blowing his Chinese beasts little motor up on the retreat back to Kanchanaburi. he ended up hitchhiking his bike back to Pattaya in the back of trucks. hats off to you Robert H!!

    mike the video came out great and the multiple mount locations really add to the sequence. people his skid plate shot behind the front wheel had the camera but a couple inches off the deck, glad to see it survived.

    Looking forward to doing this track until the finish next time around.
  3. Nice Video Mike.

    There must be a lot of dirt riding in that area to explore.
    Whats the brand of the Camera you used to film the video? I gotta get one.

  4. Klitty (the Tung Yai Narusuan entrance) is open year round - BUT you need a permissory note from the DNP to get past the campsite.
  5. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. We had a nice day out there, always a good time when you can combine good terrain with good fellowship!

    Moto-Rex: I used a GoProHD Camera. I got the auto mount package, not the bike package, it comes with a suction cup that let me take those different angles. I edited the video in Sony Vegas.

    Whitehead: Well, we tried to get the permission slip in Ban Pong but they said, sorry, no way, the Park doesn't open until Dec 1st. Who knows? Always some excuse... Very frustrating.

    2wheels: Right after the checkpoint and before getting back onto the main road, there is a stop sign on the left, i only saw it later in the video. At the time, i wasn't paying attention i guess... Close call right after... Yikes! Thanks for all your comments!!

    Thanks fellas, look forward to more videos from the community in 2011.


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